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  1. luckless

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    If you all are anything like me you love some ice cream and hot apple pie or peach cobbler. My wife rarely makes apple pies or peach cobblers - so I learned to improvise when one of the cravings hit me. Banquet makes these serving size frozen pies. 4 minutes in the microwave and 3 scoops of ice cream and you are good to go. Fit for a king!

  2. dkhern

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    ive used those and they are really good im diabetic os cant do it often but as i get older realize its quality over quanity

  3. WILDMAN44

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    I was hoping this was a brownie thread so TINK would calm down for a little while.
  4. RussHogFan

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    hahahaha :fit:
  5. gunslinger66

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    Iam bad to slide thru Mcdonalds and buy a sack full of their apple pies to take home and cover in ice cream. I also like the apple empanadas at Taco Bell with ice cream.
  6. luckless

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    How much are McD's apple pies? These banquet ones I posted a pic of are either $0.69 or $0.89 (can't remember for sure) at the local Harps and worth every red cent!!!
  7. jdrake19

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    Great recipe but it works better for me with 4-5 scoops of ice cream.
  8. Carr.45

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    We get those quite a bit... $.88 for the cobbler and $1 for a small thing of vanilla ice cream and you have yourself a recipe for a nap.