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Questions about the Hoyt State Championship

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Do you just shoot one day or do you have to shoot both days? Do you have to qualify or can anyone shoot? What are the rules on classes. If I have an ASA hunter setup what class would I shoot?


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Hey doc - Apparently no one knows what yer talking about or - well - they don't know! :rolleyes:
Thanks Barry, I knew I could count on you!:smack:


Hope ya had a great day and dint hafta set toooooo many broken bones - on possum that is!
You only have to shoot one day. Good luck. What class are you shooting?
5 fixed pins, 12" stabilizer...what class would that be? I shoot Hunter class in ASA and BHR at Central and other local shoots.

Is this shoot shotgun or staggered ? and what time? directions? thanks
This is a 2 day shoot? ABA site has it only listed on saturday. I'd love to shoot it but would only be able to go on Sunday.
I'm pretty sure you just shoot one day or the other. Ozark Deerslayer you're from Russellville? My father lives in Russellville and has Langston Concrete. It's really nice up that way. Anyways I guess I still haven't figured out exactly who you are so if you see me at the next shoot come talk.
From what I heard last night it is a two day shoot with a staggered start on Saturday and a shotgun start on Sunday. You can call Jim Ingram at Ingram's Archery in Quitman to be sure. I am going up on Saturday to shoot
BBB, if you know who Jody Price is than you probably will have a clue as to who I am. I shoot with him every weekend. I think we have shot 28 tournaments this summer. We're getting pretty wore down ha ha ha
We've gone to a shoot every sunday since I can remember. Our first tournament was in January at Pine Bluff
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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