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    This may be a dumb question but, the other day the old lady asked me about going hunting with me one morning. So question is does she need a license? I know she will not want to shoot, i think she just wants to go to see whats its all about, and as slow as its been lately she will prob just be playin on her phone and griping about being cold. We will be on privite land with only one gun in the blind and she does not have a hunters ed card, so would she need a license to be in the blind with me or not?
  2. Jeremiahbrown

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    If she isn't hunting she needs no license. But if you go on a refuge that has permits she will need a permit.

  3. SCDuck

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    No gun, no license req.
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    She won't need a license, but she CAN NOT touch any of your gear, none of the birds, etc...
  5. :up:
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    Well that takes all the fun out of it:cool:
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    A couple of years ago the AGFC started a new program where new hunters can buy/receive a special permit to deer hunt for 1 season without buying a license or going through hunter's ed. I don't remember the cost or if it included waterfowl or not, but might be worth looking into.
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    I believe that was deferred hunters Ed program. They still have to buy a license but the hunters Ed part is deferred for one year.
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    ^^^ This is correct
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    my thoughts exactly...
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    I say a license would be way cheaper than a ticket. Why take a chance. Get the license and then she can touch any or all of your gear!! :whistle:
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    ^^^He's got a point. :fit:
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    birds and gun are all that is off limits if you don't have a license. She can carry gear and such. I always wondered about if you were getting help dragging a deer, does every party involved with the dragging have to have a license?
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  16. They can go. But can't blow calls, carry decoys or help with game. Obviously not shoot.
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    You can set up a spread and call ducks without a gun while out of season, so you sure that's correct?