Question for any slug hunters here...

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  1. demented

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    I'm interested in getting set up for slug hunting at ranges no further than 100 yards. Will I need a fully rifled barrel to obtain enough accuracy? What about rifled choke tubes? (if they still exist??) What type slugs will I need to both place hits and do enough damage so as to not have to track a deer forever? While I have used regular Foster slugs at close ranges on deer, I've never been impressed with their accuracy or ability to put deer down quickly. Thanks for any advice with this!

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Not an expert here, but I have killed deer with slugs and always shot the old 1 oz 'bareball' slugs out of a full choke barrell.....tried the rifled slug choke deal and wound up making a 22inch barrel an 18 inch barrel with just 4 shots.....sabot on the slug was catching the edge of the tube and backing it out......and the tube was in as tight as it could be...........the 18 barrel works great with the open bore, but I usually limit my shots to 50 yards or so...kinda up close and personal, but that's the way I like to hunt..thick stuff!!!

  3. flydown

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    I have not seen them in a long time but I used to use Active brand slugs with a smooth bore and had pretty good accuracy. If I were going to set up specificly for slug hunting, I would get a rifled barrel 12 gauge and use sabot slugs.
  4. No-till Boss

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    IMO yes ! Any slug that is in the well placed high shoulder shot will drop a deer right in its tracks no matter how large it is. Remember a 12 Gauge 2-3/4" is 300 Grain and I've seen slugs up to 450 grains, and that's a lot of bullet !

    My two suggestions, 1) get a rifle barrel at least #2) try not to shoot the gun over 5-6 times a day because of the kick/flinch factor. Some 12 gauges have up to 50lbs or recoil.

    I've owned several slug guns, cheap ones and expensive ones, and rifled barrels on non-slug guns. All will shoot to 100 yards pretty darn good. You might have to try a variety of slugs to find the one your guns like tho.
  5. dirtdart

    dirtdart Well-Known Member

    Well....Not really.

    When folks started all the craze with fully rifled barrels shooting saboted jacketed rifle bullets and other new projectiles life was good for me.

    I have just a 20" smooth barrel with rifle sights on my Rem. 870 Wingmaster 12ga that will give me three inch groups at 100 yards. Wal-Mart always has a huge supply of Winchester or Remington rifled slugs on hand and you really don't have to pay crazy prices for them.

    I figure if my 870 had a receiver sight it would be even more accurate.

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Get ya a set of the Tru-Glo fiber-optic sights if it is a vent rib barrel..........Love mine!!:up:
  7. biggobs

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    Demented, I think I can probably save you a lot of time & research which I went through a few years ago. I applied jn 2006 for a Pike Co. Illinois firearm tag & didn't have a place to hunt but later got access from a farmer I know. This place hadn't been hunted except for trespassers so I wanted to figure if I thought I would be better to carry my muzzleloader that I am totally confident to 150 yards or if I could get a shotgun that could shoot a 3" group at the same distance but have the ability to have 3 shots then I would go that route.

    I spent a lot of time on the phone with Dave Henderson (who you have probably ready his slug hunting articles in Buckmasters, etc.) who many consider the authority when it comes to slug-guns. To my knowledge he is the only person to write & publish a book on slug-guns (which I also bought & read). I explained my situation to him & he suggested I buy a Savage model 210 (which I think has no been upgraded to the 220) in 12 gauge & shoot 2 3/4" Hornady SST saboted slugs. He said it should be a legitimate 200 yard slug gun & he was right. I can shoot 3 shot groups with it at 200 & between 1.5-2" groups at 100 off sandbags. I carried it to IL & then 2 weeks later to a friends place in Iowa. I was blessed enough to take a 180" typical 12 with the slug gun in Illinois which it took all 3 shots & if I hadn't of had the last shot it may have been a problem as the deer was only about 200-250 from the property line & was headed towards the fence when after the 1st shot I nailed him good but got up & bolted like a missle so I bolted a 2nd round in & missed & bolted my last 3rd round in & dropped him with it. 2 weeks later I killed a big 10 point in Iowa with it & he bleed like a stuck pig for the 60 yards he ran before piling up.

    Best thing is the Savage is one of the reasonably priced slug guns you can buy but it gets it's accuracy because it is a bolt action slug gun & not a pump. If you have a pump typically you need to have the barrel "pinned" to the receiver to get better accuracy from it. With the Savage you don't have to do it since it is a bolt.

    Like I said, this is coming from probably the most unbiased, knowledgable slug gun hunter/expert in the country.
  8. OughtSix

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    I had a worn out Mossberg 500AG that would shoot remington walmart cheapo slugs at 100yds just fine. Never could get a group cuz the stock kept punching me across the face. But I could hit my target when I was brave enough.
  9. demented

    demented Well-Known Member

    I had considered a New England slugger but thought I'd probably have the same accuracy issues I had with two Handi Rifles in .243 and .308-shots all over the place due to barrel lockup or something. I'll look at the Savage but being left handed I'll have a bit of trouble with the bolt unless I put deer down with the first shot.
  10. dirtdart

    dirtdart Well-Known Member

    I like the way it shoots. Need to look into the fiber optic thing. It has a front ramp and rear ramp sights just like a Remington 700 rifle.

    I'm considering fiber optic front and a Williams ghost ring that I can mount on the rear ramp.

    Would be no reason to "pin" the barrel on this one since both sights are on the barrel. Would be if rear sight was on receiver and front on barrel.

    I just can't see spending $4 a shot shooting sabots through a rifled barrel when I can shoot rifled slugs through a smooth bore for less than $1 a shot and get darn good results.
  11. snydedawg

    snydedawg Well-Known Member

    I have a Mossberg bolt action slug gun (635 I think.. ain't seen it in awhile) that I really like. Except it kicks like a rented mule!

    With a fixed 2x scope and Federal Sabots it'll shoot clover-leafs at 150. I've killed a few deer with it but no mid-west brutes. Pretty sure it'd be good medicine on anything in the state. My wife's Unc has one in MI that he bear hunts with... he's happy with it too.
  12. Hobbshunter

    Hobbshunter Well-Known Member

    I have to use a slug gun every year at some point. I currently use an 870 with a fully rifled barrel with a cantilever scope mount. Dirt Dart's got me wondering. A smooth-bore might be worth a shot if you can get those results, but a lot of folks dont.

    I am drooling over the Savage 220. They scaled it down to 20g so they could use a standard Savage rifle action, so you know it's accurate as can be, plus it's going to have a good trigger. That's one thing about turning a regular shotgun into a "rifle"... the triggers are horendous!

    Since you're left handed, I would definitely recommend that NEF slug gun. 2 buddies of mine shoot them. Both are the bull-barreled models, one in 20 and one in 12. I'd go with the 20 unless you employ a gun-bearer to haul that 12 for you. We call the 12 "The Grenade Laucher." They seem to be much less fussy about the brand of slugs they shoot. It took several tries with my 870 to find slugs it would pattern well. That's expensive, and it's brutal on your shoulder!
  13. daverhonda73

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    Before you spend a lot of money, I would run some average slugs through any shotgun you already own. Alot of average guns will through a slug really well. I tried the rifled barrel and sabot thing and was not impressed. I got some surprising results with a Charles Daly field hunter with a rifled tube and Remington 23/4" slugs. I have an old 1100 20 gauge with an IC barrel that will shoot slugs as consistently as any slug gun i`ve seen.