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Quail hunts???

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Does anybody know where you can go on a paid quail hunt? Marsh Man mentioned us going on one so I can use my new shotgun. He said he thought you could go somewhere in AR.
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I have a friend that does quail and pheasant in izard county pm me your email and i will get you the #
i have a friend in viola ar that does hunts for quail pm me and i will get you the info or it may be the same guy in izard county that you have got from GS
but he also has pheasant. these hunts are cheaper unguided if you have a dog season goes out on preserves march 31. if you can schedule Im not far from either place i would try to work my dogs for you on the unguided
hunts just to get them some work. I have hunted both places.
Wildcovery I sent you a PM. Thanks so much.
I am interested as well. Is there a website for this place. Please PM me this info.

Neveda Game Birds, located in Falcon Ar just North of Magnolia
Yep, Bobwhite hunts suck for the most part this year :censored:
Neveda Game Birds, located in Falcon Ar just North of Magnolia
Good place to go I have been on a couple of hunts there. good dogs,good guide,and good birds.
claydouglas76 melbourne ar deion sanders also has hunts in viola ar
good hunts good flying birds I hunt with these guys wild birds and pen raised.
let me know if you plan to hunt i have brittanys, love to see your dogs work.
i can get you in touch with deion or jerry if youd like. viola is north of melbourne bout 30 minutes.
Neveda Game Birds, located in Falcon Ar just North of Magnolia
Is Nevada Game Birds still in business? I had heard it was for sale a year or so ago.
Any idea how much these hunts cost?
I know price is not a problem for BL :razz: but I might be interested in giving it a try one of these days while the cost of ammo and a tank or two of gas doesn't amount to twice the cost of a hunt. :smack:
If something hasn't changed, I believe that Quail are $6 ea., $25 per hunter, and use of their dogs is extra not sure how much.
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