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Added story:
We Have been running some cameras since the summer just anticipating to get to hunt 5-8 days a year and being so far away makes it difficult to get any inventory built. Had several higher scoring deer set in my sights but I knew this brute was the oldest we had on the entire farm. Last week I was chomping at the bit to get in the tree so I watched the forecast and knew I had to be in the tree on Friday morning. First few hours of my first sit was pretty slow and at 0900 I saw him drop into a big creek and come back up on my side. He was angling to me somewhat but was cruising at a pretty good pace. I ranged a small drainage that he was in at 51 yards.... Not your most desired distance in the woods on an animal but I am very confident at that yardage... As he is approaching the top of the ridge he slows his pace... I draw and I get him stopped perfectly in a good opening. I went through my motions as I have practiced day in and day out. It felt like slow motion as I felt the release unhinge and watch my arrow approach the very mark I picked out. He bolts off the way he came in and stops before diving off into the creek... I'm thinking he is toast and then I see him come back out the other side walking up the hill. After reviewing my arrow and the massive amount of blood loss on the ground I knew it was a fatal hit but gave him a few hours since I didn't see him go down. Went back in at 12:00 and he laid just 125 yards from impact.
I like to donate my deer in Missouri to the Share the Harvest and we unloaded him on to the scales and "the big 8" smashed them at 261 pounds!
Had him scored as I dropped him off to have a euro mount done and the gentleman gave me an unofficial score of 138 5/8. He isn't the highest scoring buck in the woods but he is one that I was glad to call mine!
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