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Discussion in 'Campers' started by conwayhunter, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. conwayhunter

    conwayhunter Well-Known Member

    Anyone pull a boat behind their travel trailer?? need some info
  2. crackshot82

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    Yep. Plan your route so you don't have to back up

  3. conwayhunter

    conwayhunter Well-Known Member

    Not the info I need but thanks I'm not concerned about that. It's the setup I would like to discuss
  4. betweenthecadrons

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    Just make sure the tongue weight of the boat behind the axles of the camper doesn't offset the tongue weight of the camper on your truck.
    You might have to add weight to the front of your camper, or at least redistribute some weight.

    FIRECAMP Well-Known Member

    I do it. What do you want to know? As others said you have to plan ahead. No backing up. Cannot see the boat either. Sometimes you can see its shadow is all. And you have to be smooth going into curves, as steering wheel movement amplifies the boat trailer. I.E.... it can really get to whipping!
  6. Coniahargenio

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    If traveling through other states check their regs. Some states have total vehicle length limits or a cdl is required. Also not all states allow 2 bumper pulls to be attached to each other. Some states require a 5th wheel or gooseneck on the front trailer.
  7. fullcredit

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    Is there a hitch made for this, or do you have to make your own?
  8. crackshot82

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    They make bolt on receiver hitches.
  9. crackshot82

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    That was a attempt at stating the obvious to be funny. Guess I failed .
    If you've got a question just ask it, kinda hard to guess what you want to know....
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  11. Dmille5

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    Yep no problem pull a 32 ft camper with boat behind it,pick your pull offs and don't go backerds!Mine trailers good got a buddy I follow sometimes shorter camper his wobbles a little bout 60 mph.I bought the bolt on over bumper hitch and put a small weld parallel on top and bottom don't weld across the bumper.
  12. conwayhunter

    conwayhunter Well-Known Member

    Ok. I'm in the process of setting up my rig. I have curt bolt on receiver hitch for the rear bumper of the trailer. I also bought and installed a furrion "backup" camera and installed it on the back of my camper to watch my boat. I removed the center running light on the back/top of my camper and wired into that so the camera stays on all the time WHEN I have the running lights on. Now I have to get the rear trailer reinforced as it's not secured enough to pull or tote anything on it. Needs more welding and some angle iron bolting it all together. Thanks for everyone's ideas and help.
  13. browning_gold_12

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    I had a bolt on rear hitch for my sandpiper but scrapped that idea. I built a receiver that goes from side to side inside the frame rails and has gussets from a foot or so each side of center at a 45 back to the frame. I had one of those rear bumpers collapse once with a basket carrier in it with nothing but an ice chest and a couple of lawn chairs. Just don't trust 'em.
  14. conwayhunter

    conwayhunter Well-Known Member

    I don't trust it either that's why I am having it reinforced. Not taking a chance with someone's life if that boat breaks loose.
  15. bbrenton

    bbrenton Well-Known Member

    ImageUploadedByArkansas Hunting1502197920.722918.jpg
    Old rig
    I took a come along and put tension on the frame to not spread, cut the thin 4" stock bumper off and had a 5" X1/8 " heavy square tubing welded to frame with a receiver tube welded to it.
    The newer rig has a factory setup on it.
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  16. bbrenton

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  17. y hunt

    y hunt Super Moderator Staff Member

    I once saw a 50 ft motor home pulling a 35 ft travel trailer with a 30 ft pontoon. No way I would ever consider something like that. Must have been a UPS driver cause they never back up.