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Public vs private

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Well we got a lease for next yearand I felt we had to pay decent money for but will have a place of ower own to hunt for next year along with all the fabulous public ground.

So the question remains what does everone in arkansas think about hunting leases? growing up in Ohio where there is no such thing as leases this was all new to me and at first I thought it was redickoulous but after hunting here and thinking back to my days hunting in ohio I fell I am lucky in both states. first when I grew up in ohio I started hunting a farmers land that he let a lot of people hunt on. so it was kinda public ,as I grew older and worked for the farmers in the summer I was able to gain permission to hunt on a farmers ground that he only let myself and a select few to hunt on shot several nice bucks on his property and still hunt there every christmas but he has a rule if a doe walks out you have to shoot it. We have talked about the leasing here in arkansas and he can not beleive what people pay. I myself see it as an opertuntiy b/c in arkansas you can hunt just about anywhere if you have the money plus farmers groom ther eland here for duck hunting. But up there forget about it if you were not raised in that area you stand no chance of hunting there and even if you were raised there it is still hard to find a place to hunt. the property I hunt up there took me 5 years before I was first allowed to bow hunt it ,wasn't till about 4 years ago till he stated to let me gun hunt there. so what would you rateher have ? me I am lucky I get the best of both worlds B/c deer hunting in ohio is like duck hunting in arkansas me i would rather pay 1500 to hunt on some decent ground and have it to my self than have nothing at all. granted nobody likes to pay to hunt and some of us can't afford it but if you can pay your limit is only the sky (or how deep your pocket is)and if your leases here in arkansas are crap get out the next year and try again and plus the state has tons of public acess.
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I won't hunt on public land.Too many Crazy's out there.I have 2 leases,..1 with 19,00 acres,10 people hunting,The other family land,not sure of acres but 5or6 hunting.As long as i can afford it,I will pay for leases.
I've got two places that are private, but not leased. And rarely, very rarely we may have some company from someone else with permission to hunt there. This place is about as close to perfect as I can imagine, at least for a field hunt that is. I am very grateful to have this place to go to. Otherwise, it'd be public land for me.

I'm ticky about who I hunt with, so I don't want to go into a lease with a group that I don't know well. And I can't come close to affording a lease by myself. I try to find hide-out spots on AGFC land just to avoid the crazies and @$$holes that are inevitable.... it don't always work, but I try.
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