Public Deer Meeting, Who all went?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by firehog, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Who all went to their local public deer meeting tonight? If you did how many was there? And how did it go?

    Jonesboro had about 60 hunters which was a high turnout from past years. Several spoke as well. Just off top of my head, there was two who had questions about the youth hunt, and adults killing deer instead of youth. One wanted better sex rations, one wanted a doe by gun in the ozarks, one wanted some more restrictions on bucks, one wanted shorter gun days in the ozarks.

    One thing I noticed in the information of the upcoming season was a 11 day split in gun season instead of a 4 day split like last year.
  2. jason7655

    jason7655 Well-Known Member

    did you hear any mention of the Christmas hunt being moved to a weekend instead of during the week?


    PUDDLE Well-Known Member

    Me went.:thumb:

    DODGEMAN Well-Known Member

    Jason this year it will be on a weekend, and someone did bring that up, but from what they said they will probably keep it the day after Christmas, but who knows.

    I went to the Jonesboro meeting and had a great time at the dinner and the meeting. :thumb:
  5. jason7655

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    I wish they would explain the reason or harm in not keeping it on a weekend so that it benefits the most people.
  6. I suspect that is thier intention, not to have as many folks in the woods. But the next two years it works out for the weekend for the most part
  7. ArkArcher

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    A Public deer meeting!!!!

    So that's where all them dern criters went. When will they be having one down arounds Grapevine? :confused:

  8. OuachitaMtnMan

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    I like it the way it is so that when I do get a chance to go, I don't have to scrounge to find a place to hunt. It may not benefit the most people but the people that get to go have a more enjoyable experience. TJMHO
  9. CDay

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    Dang not ever working man has weekend off. Like myself I work a rotating schedule meaning I have four weeks of weekends and four weeks of no weekends off. Sometimes it is nice to hunt the short seasons with out having to take time off to do so. Most of the time with my schedule I have to take vacation for permit hunts and weekends.

    I say leave it as it has been. That way it falls some years on weekends and some years through the week.
  10. jason7655

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    That's a valid point.

    Here's another thought. Why not make it thur-sun of every year. That way 2 days of the week and 2 days of the weekend.

    You increase it by a day but you could cater to someone that doesn't work a 5 day work week as well as those that do.

    Maybe adding that day will mess up all the fancy calculations of deer management but I figure things would be ok.

    Maybe it's not possible with the calendar and the ML hunt.