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PSE Compound Bow *

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I bought it to shoot in the back yard and I no longer shoot it. It needs to go and will come with everything shown in the pictures. Bow is in Conway Asking $175

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I would trade towards:
  • Smith and Alexander checkered magwell/mainspring housing for full size 1911, stainless
  • Wilson Combat tactical right handed thumb safety
  • Current reloading manual
  • digital calipers
  • case tumbler for reloading
  • case neck trimmer for reloading
  • .30-30 die set
  • Brownells magnatip screwdriver set
This is going off to eBay soon if nobody here takes it.
One other trade I may consider is towards a decent air gun with open sights.
Bow is no longer for sell. It's worth at least $150 just to have a backup/loaner bow around.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts