Protein tubs for deer

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by JasonS, May 10, 2017.

  1. JasonS

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    I'm setting here watching the deer feed on my wheat wondering something. Seeing as now is the optimum time for antler growth, have any of you ever used cattle protein tub with any success? I'm about to put a mineral shed out with feed for the deer but was wondering about using one of those high protein mineral tubs.

    Just a thought
  2. luckless

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    I have never seen deer lick on any of mine. And as much as they like sweet stuff - I've never seen any deer lick on any of our liquid feeders. We have lots of deer at the farm too. Could just be that the cows keep them ran off - but I have never seen the use any of our cattle feed/supplements.

  3. JasonS

    JasonS Well-Known Member

    I wonder if its because the cattle have been eating out of it? Im thinking of trying one with a trail cam close by to see if they do use it. Maybe crush up one of those berry flavored blocks they like so well on top of it.
  4. sam

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    We put one out once down at the lease on Lake Nimrod, don't know if the deer used it or not, cause a bear carried it off before the deer got to it. The bear rolled and drug it off into a pine thicket and by the time we went back to check the cameras there was nothing left except pieces of the plastic tub. The one we put out had urea in it, which is ok for ruminants like cows, deer or goats, but not good for non-ruminants like bears. Hope that bear at least got a good belly ache out of the deal.
  5. 7 point

    7 point Well-Known Member

    I've had luck with the protein blocks when I've set them next to a salt lick.
  6. JasonS

    JasonS Well-Known Member

    Well after setting for 24 hours, nothing. Checked my camera and nothing but pictures of me. I'll keep posting my results. I put out one of those 225lb molasses tubs with about a fourth of one of those berry deer blocks from tsc broken up on top. I put the other pieces of the block out a little way from them tub still in picture range
  7. 7 point

    7 point Well-Known Member

    When I ran cows I only put protein tubs out in the winter time when grazing was low. Could be that right now the deer have so much to browse on that a tub may not be that attractive.
  8. JasonS

    JasonS Well-Known Member

    Well I checked my camera after 3 days and the deer were only eating the left over block in the ground. Not one pic of them even smelling of the tub. Did count 8 different bucks though. Maybe when the block is all gone they will come try it out.
  9. b8hickman

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    Keep posting the results. I have always wondered the same thing. I do feed the 20% protein cubes cattle feed and my deer eat it.
  10. ArkArcher

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    Had a buddy put 2 of them up at his place in North Central AR about 2 years ago. he finally had to roll them out of the way and move them because deer were not eating them.