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Discussion in 'Habitat Management' started by clover patch, Dec 12, 2010.

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    Is anyone using the feeders that have the tubes that come out the bottom of the barrel? I've been consideriding using one of these for corn. I figure that I can maximize my feed cost due to the coons not eating feed that is put out on the ground with a conventional spinner feeder or a PVC feeder. Looking for one with 3 or 4 feeding spouts.
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    I have a couple of em. They work great for the reasons you just mentioned. Only problem is getting the deer to use them in the daylight.

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    i have 4 tube protein feeder. you won't get away from coon and squirrel problem with them. the tubes must be about 40 inches from ground for deer to feed, that makes it easy for squirrels to jump onto spouts. the coons climb the tripod legs and get on tubes and pig out. they make product called ''sharks teeth'' that goes on feeder tubes and legs to keep coons and squirrels off. it doesn't work. other wise the deer learn fast to stick their muzzle in tubes and pig out when ever, even in daytime. one other problem i had was squirrels getting in tubes and chewing on them, mine are made from fiberglass easy for squirrel to damage. did i mention that a bear can knock one over?