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  1. Papagayo

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    Does anyone know how much "property tax" is in Arkansas?
  2. coonnutz

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    Best option is to call a local revenue office and have them give you a ball park, they should be able to do that.

    I think property tax on 51 acres with a 40x40 shop and a mobile mansion in Pulaski County is $1000

    I would just google Arkansas DFA

  3. You can go to this website and try to search an area that you looking at...they may have a free search and may not. But you can also google the counties assesors office and sometimes they have free search online.

    You can take the millage rate and I can't remember the formula but there is an formula to use the millage rate and the taxable value and find the tax burden.
    Also there is a small tax for timber as well....I think mine is like 5 bucks a year on the 17 acres at the house.
  4. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Seems like we pay less than $50 a year on our 125 acres in Sharp County.
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    Assessors Office

    It all depends on the value of the property and the valuation used by the county assessor where your property is located. You can contact the assessors office of the county your property is in and they can tell what the taxes on the property have been for the past several years. You just need an address or parcel number. Good Luck
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    Do you think it would be the same across the street from the governor's mansion as it is in the middle of the river bottoms in Desha county?