prop for '09 Yamaha 25hp

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    What is the best stainless prop for the 2 cylinder yamaha 25 on a 1548?
  2. Is your motor 2 stroke or 4 stroke? Yamaha made them both ways and they're both two cylinder.
    Whats your current RPM
    what's your goal?
    Is the motor raised?
    How much weight (boat + load)?
    What is your current speed?

    This question has been asked about forty-eleven-teen times. Search. AND if 10 people as the same question, you will get 100,000 different answers because EVERYONE'S setup is different.

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    If you're looking for a shiny prop that will make that boat fly.... quit.. it won't happen. One of the best props for keeping the rpms where they need to be, good hole shot, and pretty good top end is of all things, the factory aluminum prop that came with it. (And... because of the lower units weakness in terms of strength, the aluminum is much cheaper than gears, should you find something solid) As far as sure enough stainless steel, I've run the powertechs and a couple of solas'. Some were better than others on my setup. I do believe though that the turbo hot shot in a 12p is probably one of the best for that motor. It's versatile and it can run at the surface if you want to raise the motor.