Programed to kill.

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Delbert, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Anyone ever think maybe these nut cases have been programed to kill?

    They are the weak link in normal mental health. So they could be taught by the so called mental health professional to do this.
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    If your not already aware of it, do a little research on the CIA MK ULTRA Program.

    There are those who like to pass everything off as a conspiracy theory but it's hard to do that with this one if researched in a truthful and sincere manner.

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    May not be to far off base with the "Programmed to Kill" theroy. Maybe not in the perspective that been mentioned above, but just thru enviroment. Have any of you all just sat & looked at what your kids are watching on Saturday morning cartoons now days. Bugs Bunny and the likes are gone, now it is blood & guts cartons. Kids as young as the ones that were killed are watching this crap all the time. One thing that has been noted about several of the last few people who have done this, in each case, when the details has been released of their personal life, each one of them had a obsession with violant video games & movies that depicted mass killing. The guy in Colorada was said to have arcives of movies like Rambo & the likes, and many video games like Call to Duty. The video games & TV and what is on it have become the parents and mentors for alot of these types.
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    It is absolutely possible to program someone through indoctrination and rhetoric to kill. The best example we have all heard of is when and extremist muslim straps a bomb to his chest and blows up a bus load of people because he has been taught it is the highest honor and he will be rewarded for it in heaven.

    Just think of what a government with unlimited resources could do?

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  5. Most of these shooters are young males that are gifted and extremely introverted.

    I can tell you from personal experience that it can be very, very difficult to function as a introvert in an extrovert's world....... enough that you can lose it if not well grounded.
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    Having grown up visiting a very close relative in and out of mental institutions, it sound like they all showed signs of schizophrenia. Seeing first hand and then hearing all these stories brings back eerie memories. And majority start showing signs very late teens, early 20's.