Programed killers.

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Delbert, Dec 19, 2012.

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    I am not a big one on conspiracies but I am beginning to believe that some of the (Alleged )random shooting are planned. Here is why.

    I have been privy to a lot of enemy interrogations while I was in the service. I also have a friend that is currently active duty Marine CW-05 with 29 years, his MOS is pys-ops. 1 in 10 people can be put into a deep hypnotic state. Seldom can they be put under and told to do anything against their nature. But on average 2 of 100 that can be Hypnotized can be programed to go against normal human nature.

    Yes the Manchurian candidate!

    Now we have Loughner, the Colorado shooter and this idiot from Conn.
    Look at their photos really close, what do you see?

    I see soul less people, people with serve mental problems that should have been medicated and in a state mental hospital. (Arkansas close the one at Benton years ago)

    They are wide eyes even in normal pics and are all kind of the same, no reason to live, So their will to kill people and then themselves may not be against their personal human nature.

    I dont believe that crap about anti-depressents being at fault. I know to many normal people who take them because of mood swings. These people have never had the urge to do mass slaughter of humans or even animals.

    Just a thought do you think you could be programed to kill?
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    Arkansas Heath center is still open. It's ran by birch tree. I used to deliver meds there a few years ago. Hope house is the crazy ward. People talking to doors and jamming with head phones on not plugged into anything. I hated going there. It smells like piss and the people scare the crap out of me.

  3. Randy Cutlipp, a drummer for three dog night, was a speed junkie. He was in jail once and saw a guy messed up on drugs break his teeth off down to the gum line gnawing on the cell bars! Pretty creepy stuff, and people are capable of anything.
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    Not in the same context of your post but yes, the US military trains thousands of normal people to kill ever year. :thumb: