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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Carr.45, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Don't know if this is really the right place for this, but... Has anyone had a pig butchered? I have had deer processed but never anything else. I would like to get a pig and have it butchered, bacon and all. Like Tink, I LOVE BACON!

    Any info is more than I have now. I asked Kruse about it, that's where I take my deer, but they weren't much help and don't cure bacon. All they do is chops and sausage. I don't even know what size is a good butchering size.

    Also thinking about splitting a cow with some one. So info on that would be awesome too.

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    There is a place in Romance, Cypress Creek I think, that'll butcher anything. I think the place used to be called Goss and Sons. The new guys vacuum seal everything and do a great job. Not sure about curing bacon though. They do the killing on site also. If you are intested in splitting some beef I have a friend in Floyd that sells some fine tasting beefmasters for that very purpose. I think he delivers over there to Cypress Creek if you need him to. PM me if you end up wanting to check prices on the beef.

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    I am pretty sure Kruse Meats can process anything. We have always been very pleased with the job they have done with our deer. They are doing a bunch of deer right now, but it is a full service meat market. They are not too far from Bryant either. Here is the contact information: 2100 Kruse Loop Alexander, AR 72002 (501) 316-1046
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    most packing houses suspend pork and beef processing during deer season. most can process either other times. hog should be 250# or so to have enough belly for bacon. longer body hog have more chops and bacon than shorter hog. most packing house can slice bacon and some will add a rub. most dont have place to cure bacon or to smoke it. you could get middlings(bacon) and cure and smoke it yourself.
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    I talked to Kruse about it yesterday when I dropped two deer off to them. They basically said that they don't do much with hogs.
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    What does it take to cure it yourself?
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    I watched em killing hogs when I dropped a deer off last season out at cypress creek so I'm sure they'll process them.
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    basically build a wooden box cover with salt put in middleing cover w salt place in cool location(old refregiaton)wait 3 days and recover w salt after about week take out brush off salt hang in 55 gsal w loose fitting lid sit bbl on 3 cinder blocks cut hole in bottom of bbl incert water heater vent pipe run pipe 6-8' over to a wooden box w/lid. in box place a hot plate or electric skillet add hickory chips for cold smoke smoke for 3-4 days
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    Kruse does an awesome job on deer. I asked them about beef once and they said that they can't kill the cow it has to be DOA for them to do it. Now that I'm thinking about it their is a place in Hot Springs that does butchering. I can't remember the name of it off hand, maybe some of the Hot Springs members know who I'm talking about, its on the east side of town.
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    Got blacks and Griffiths in hot springs but they are on the west end of garland county. Not sure who is on east end of town. Not sure about the two I mentioned doing hogs but both do great with deer.
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    Search for the hunt fish gather blog on Google. He has some bacon recipes you could try. Actually he has a lot of good recipes. Hank Shaw is his name. I bought his book is pretty good too.
  14. Cypress Valley Meat Company,
    Locations in Romance and Hot Springs are U.S.D.A inspected facilities and do all kinds of custom processing. Vilonia does a great job on deer!