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  1. I have a 2000 Yahama Kodiak that will not quit dripping gas out of the bottom of the carb.

    Has anyone every experienced this problem?

    I have taken this problem to Bradford Marine three times for repair. They get it to stop but it starts dripping again usually after two or three rides. :mad:

    And how about a recommendation for a different shop in central ark?
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    is it coming out of the bowl drain on the bottom of the carb? or the overflow? if it is the drain, it could be a bad seal/gasket on the drain screw. if it is coming from the overflow tube, sounds like the float may be out of adjustment, or the needle may be sticking. not sure of the carb style on that bike, but those are just my thoughts :thumb: BG12


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    ELH, I had the same thing happen to my Yamaha, I changed the needle and seat, about $40 bucks. Also check the vent tube out of the top of the carb. if it get stopped up, bu dirt dobbers or something it will leak from that as well.

    But what you need to do is put a small inline filter on the gas line to keep trash from getting under the needle and seat.

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    I'd say everyone is on this one. My Dad has a 2000 600 Grizzly that had the same problem. He took it to Corning Yamaha and they told him the carb needed rebuilt. It only had 1200 miles on it. Fixed for about 2 weeks. About a month later he took it back to them. They tell him the carb needs rebuilt. :smack: He let them. :smack: :smack: He gets it back and about 2 weeks later it does it again. He drained all the gas out and put a bottle of Sta-bil in the tank, opened the carb bowl drain until Sta-bil run out, closed the drain and let it set a few days. Drained all of that out and cleand out the bowl and filled it with fresh gas. No problems since. I figure he just has trash in the needle seat. It may need a new seat but it is probably just dirty. JMO
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    Coming from a mechanic it sounds like you guys have this under wrap! :thumb:
  6. I have an '89 350 Big Bear that does the same thing. I can clean the carb. & it'll do OK for a few days then start again. I've found the simplest thing is to cut the gas off when I park it.
  7. The yamaha shop on McArthur in North Little Rock are pretty nice folks. I knew one of the mechanics over there and he was pretty good (not sure if he still works there or not)

    My 01 Big Bear is bad about the carb getting dirty or trash in it, but never had a leaking problem. Usually just run some STP through it twice a year and clears it up. This summer one of my dads tractor mechanics took the carb apart, cleaned it real good and made some adjustments and it runs like the day we bought it

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    Put a small inline fuel filter on it and it will cure the problem. And check the vent line to make sure it isn't blocked, it runs under the tank.

    Is your Big Bear blue or cream color. One of ours is an '89 model and the other one I have is a '91. :thumb:
  9. Yes it leaking from the bowl. Out the small hole in the bottom of the bowl. The hole that's controlled by the screw with the spring on it. It's not leaking out of the vent tube. The mechanic at Bradford mentioned something about trash in the case. But he never suggested an inline filter.

    I keep the fuel turned off when I'm not riding the thing and I run the gas out of it before I put it up. However, it leaks when I'm riding it which in turn creates a big stink in my garage even after I wash it off.
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    I had a motorcycle that did that, and it was a problem with the floats sticking. I took it to Rogers cycle shop in Paragould and it has been fine ever since.
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    Sounds like the float is sticking, or the needle is dirty and not sittin down in the seat well. I would suggest taking it apart and cleaning it really good with carb cleaner and some small torch tip cleaners. Put it back together and then install a small inline filter like the other gentleman said.
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    There is a chance you have a crack in your float if it has a plastic float in it.
    But more than likely your have trash in in your gas. They make a funnel with a nylon filter that works really well. It will keep the water out also. Also never use a cloth on your gas can top instead of a gas cap, it will get the fibers in your gas and cause the same problem.:biggrin: