Private N.E. Arkansas W.M.A.s what a waste of Arkansan's tax dollars!

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    Call and write the AG&F and tell them your tired of your tax dollars being wasted to buy and maintain the "semi private" w.m.a.s in N.E. Arkansas! Now is the time to stop the locals at w.m.a.s such as Dave Donaldson, Big Lake, and Black River, to no longer be able to show ownership towards tax purchased land. There is a new commissioner as of July 1 Mr. Fred Brown, from Corning in that area and he would love to hear your concerns.
    Take your friends and attend the public meetings, Write or e-mail each commisioner, state representative, governor's office, individually, send letters to the editors of the Jonesboro Sun and Arkansas Democrat Gazette. This is what it is going to take to get changes made or it will only get worse down the road. The Big Lake duck blind crowd is starting a petition drive to get a referendum to repeal amendment 35, so there is a big controversy coming up, and now is the time to get some support from the rest of the state organized. The Game and Fish will eventually do what is right there just has to be enough people pushing them in the right direction!:flag:

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    Good luck!

    That's the best I can say to this plan. Being from Searcy you have no idea about money and politics here in NEA. PLEASE, contact everyone like you say and watch what happens. The more you scream and shout, the more you will be ignored. The reason you read about these holes being passed down from generation to generation (and most of these holes were built before these were WMAs) is because these people have put hard work and sweat into maintaining these holes. So here's an idea, why don't you go find one of your own and stop trying to short cut and move into someone elses hole? Come on now, if you see decoys and a dog stand common sense tells you someone is hunting that spot. How about if you go out and scout your own place to hunt and do the work like everyone else does.

    I'm not telling you I agree with "personal holes" in WMAs, but I am telling you it's alot easier to move on and find your own hole that try to fight everyone. Because I can guarantee you, it will never change, laws or not. Because the good old boy system is alive and well, and it'll make your hunts alot more fun when you aren't fighting the system all the time. (or you can spend the money for a lease, or find another place to hunt)
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    NE Ark
    It can be more. :wink:
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    I didn't know the AGFC had heirs to pass down holes to. Most of the holes on DD were either formed when it was logged or illegally cut. In the early days hunters went and hunted where they wanted to, there were no holes like you know them today. There was no need to maintain holes. Hunters went and hunted natural openings in the timber. It should be the same today. It doesn't have anything to do with the hard work and sweat. The land is there for everyone. If a hunter or group wants to insure a place is maintained that is fine, but having people in that hole when you arrive at daylight is a risk you are taking on land you don't own. If you want to hunt a particular hole get there first, if your not first, have a backup plan. This whole argument about respecting other hunters and "their holes" and how its been hunted by generation after generation is :censored: My group maintains more then one hole every year and has hunted one particular hole for years. If someone beats us to the hole we planned on hunting for the day and they don't want us hunting with them then we move on. Respect the land and the rules, and respect the fact that someone got there before you. Ask them if you can hunt. Move on if there are several hunters already there. Bottom line is it's public land and if hunters keep acting the way they do, our hunting opportunities will suffer.
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    I actually live in N.E. Ar now just haven't changed my location yet, and fully understand the politics in play in that area, just by mentioning that your supporting my whole argument so thanks:up:. So let me ask you a question and see if you can give me an honest answer. There's been one hole on DD that there has been considerable more shooting on then any of the others this year. So what will happen when I get out there first on the day your allowed to put decoys out and clean the holes and I throw mine out and heck I'll even clip a few limps so I can "stake claim" as the new owner of my own "private hole".Iquess we'll do it like they did when America was just being settled be the first to a particular spot, stake your claim and defend it with your life. So why don't one of you local "hole owners" answer that what will happen when I do that?
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    I don't know the commissioner, just know he is from Corning. With that being said, why do you think he will make major changes to what happens at Dave Donaldson? I am guessing he has just a few friends that might hunt at Dave Donaldson, since he is from that area. Just saying.

    Also, isn't it law that states if you are there first you have the right to hunt it. So what else could they do. They can't control peoples' actions if they are not there. Its like going down the road at speed limit, and someone passes you, try calling the police and telling them they are speeding it isn't going to accomplish anything.
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    same ol song :cool: just hunt! here is the thing if decoys are there have a back up plan of your own and go some other place to hunt i have all week and killed birds everyday
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    Some of you guys amaze me. If you bought 100 acres and I had been hunting it and maintained a duck hole or a deer stand on the place for the last several years,should you have to let me keep that spot for myself? I didnt think so. My family hunted Bayou De View for 40 years and never got to build a blind,So who do you think you are to get to maintain one at any other WMA.I hope they burn every damn one of them and redline all the holes.That way everyone will be on the same rung of the ladder. Back in the 60's my dad and his brothers pumped up the Oliver tract one fall because G&F had relift problems.They never asked for, nor got paid or any favors for it either.G&F did pay for the diesel. I think its high time there was a change in the practice of allowing a few to run the show. Hopefully Mr. Brown will be the kind of Commissioner that will put a stop to it. To the ones of you that say(well you can try but it wont do any good) are just a bunch of wimps. We CANT never accomplished a darn thing.
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    I don't have a dog in this hunt one way or the other, never been there, don't expect I will either, but one does have to wonder why the rules are differant on this WMA than all the others? Does make one wonder just what the reason it is this way & has been for a long time without change, even with great pressure to do so. But IMO, before you start picking fights I think it would be a good idea to find out just why you are fighting first!

    Has anyone ever ask WHY it is this way?

    Got to be a reason, a dang good one at that which must have some teeth to it that has the G&F reluctant to do something. Here is a little something I was told one time, may have basis, may be total BS, don't know, but the way it was explained to me was back in the day years ago, the original landowners worked them a good old boy deal with the PTB's that were in place at the time & made sure that they retained certian rights of use on lands before they sold them & these rights of use were attached to the deed of sale. May be, if this is the case, because the G&F of past made such a deal to retain the lands in question, then today the G&F of present cannot stop these people from doing so because of a special deal struck many years ago, so to try to even the odds best they can they just let all do the same if they wish.

    Don't know, may be total BS, but it might be something some of you legal eagle types might need to look into. Be pretty easy, all you would have to do is go to the courthouse & look at the deeds. If it is there at least you will know the reason & what you are truely fighting, but if it is not there, then it will put the G&F of present in a position to have to say WHY it is this way here & not anywhere else & then have to justify why!
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    I agree with buck 110% I have grew up on and hunted sunkin Lands wma all my life. Had blinds and holes and how people can sell spots on land they don't own is the most stupid thing I've heard of . This would be like me putting a gate up at a park and no other kids can play but mine makes no damn sense at all look on craigslist blind and spot on sunkin lands wma $5900 if our g&f was worth a crap they would do something about this stuff . Why should there only be 2 wmas in the whole state to allow permanent blinds I think every single blind should be burnt and be like all the other wmas regs state that a blind can't be rebuilt when beyond repairable yet there are new blinds put in every year have seen some be built right at the boat ramp ...but we have a great g&fc
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    This is the most logical, rational post I have seen on this topic. :up:
  12. John Stiles

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    Doesn't private usually mean somebody makes money off it?:whistle:
  13. Levi

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    They have been buying and selling public blinds for years. One guy has 15 blinds and leases them out each year for thousands of dollars on public land along the Black and St Francis Rivers............:mad:
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    Levi, That is illegal... Everyone on here complains about these guys leaving decoys in a hole and claiming these as they own them... Well, beat them there, when they show up and act crazy call the GW... If they leave their decoys out there, as far as I am concerned they abandoned them on public property...
  15. John Stiles

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    shoot them full of holes:razz:
  16. Levi

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    I know it is illegal but Game warden knows they do it and no-one ever says a thing...........:banghead:

    One Game warden complained and tried to stop it and he was transfer to a state park.........:head:
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    John I was thinking the same thing. A few stray shots and decoys would be all messed up. If you leave decoys and they are relocated to another hole for someone else to use would that be considered stealing? :head:
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    It's public land....I reckon they're public decoys. :whistle: