Primitive Technology

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  1. Search for it on YouTube. The guy makes fire, primitive tools (bow/arrows, axe, sling, atlatl, spear) huts, and shelters with nothing other than his hands and what's available in the woods. He doesn't have a cutting tool or anything. It's pretty incredible really. He doesn't ever talk and is always shirtless but has mad skills. Very educational.
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    Watch stuff on you tube during lunch on my computer. Yes, very interesting. Try my hand at dehydrate meat (jery) sometime before it gets hot. Never know, could come in handy to have that type of skill set.

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    I agree I think that would be the most important skill. If the power was cut if everything hit the fan preserving food would be a necessity imo.
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    The majority of the latest generation and their parents don't have a clue - and ain't looking for one - about preserving food. So if the power was cut off there would be no access to the internet for them to gain that info. What would they do? Steal from those that have been doing it for years; because they would feel entitled to food from any source!
    A couple of good pressure cookers, plenty of canning jars, lids, rings and a wood burning cook stove is all it takes to preserve veggies, fruits and meats. Worked well in the 30's, and will still work this year, that is if the infernal cold don't mess up my crop tonight.
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    He's very, very well known. Before making a living on YouTube, he cut lawns for a living. Every single video of his has several MILLION views. He's earned enough to buy 12 more acres of land with a creek running through it where he does his videos now.
    Last video I saw, he made a hut. He needed mud, so he went to the creek, made some mud there, fashioned a jug and built a fire around it to "kiln" it. That jug allowed him to carry water back to the hut to make mud there to layer onto the walls.
    I forgot to begin with how he got the small trees to make the building: he knapped an edge onto a long, slightly crescent-shaped rock. Then, he used that to cut trees down.
    He's really an amazing guy. I wish I had his gumption.
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