primitive camping on Conway?

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by Wes Ramsey, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Wes Ramsey

    Wes Ramsey Well-Known Member

    Anyone know of any primitive camp sites on Conway? I think me and a couple of guys are looking to camp/fish Friday night close to home, but I don't wanna have to pay for a place. Lawrence Landing has some good spots to pitch a tent at the edge of the parking lot, but I don't know how the AGFC would feel about me building a fire there. I tried to call the Mayflower field office, but can't get anyone on the phone. That would be my first choice.

    I'd really like to be right on the water so I don't have to pull my boat out of the water and I can run yo-yos all night :thumb:

    BTW - how are the crappie (and bream) biting on Conway right now?
  2. Gruntcall

    Gruntcall Well-Known Member

    Not really "primitive" per say, but I know there used to be camping at Brannon Landing.

  3. Wes Ramsey

    Wes Ramsey Well-Known Member

    I drove by Brannon's at lunch and didn't see any spots for a fire, but plenty of room for a tent. Dan Zajac, the owner of Gold Creek Landing, said to call Alan Brannon to ask permission. He said I could camp at his landing for a fee, but I'd like to get away with not paying much, if anything, and I wouldn't be able to have a fire next to the tent. I'll probably call Brannon tonight and see what he says. That sure would be a good spot for some yo-yos!

    I also stopped at the boat rental place across Gold Creek, and they said I could camp and build a fire there, but there's no place to put a tent unless I wanna pitch it on mud. No dice there.

    Lawrence Landing is public access, so it's free to put my boat in and I can put my tent right next to the water and leave my boat in all night. The only thing there is I didn't see anywhere to put a campfire, and I don't know how the AGFC feels about me burning a fire on their grass :smack: I sent them an email, so maybe I'll hear back from them this week. I figure it's usually better to ask forgiveness than permission, but not when there could be a fine involved :rolleyes:
  4. joedirt

    joedirt Well-Known Member

    You familiar with Dix Creek Access? That would be a good place. Plenty of room to set up a tent, and lots of gravel so it's safe for a fire. Good concrete boat ramp too.
  5. PTHog

    PTHog Well-Known Member

    Primitive camping at Dix Creek

    I know there's a few places to camp around the Dix Creek area of Lake Conway. Seems like every time I went out there this past spring there was someone camping, or had recently left. All of the camping is on Camp Robinson Special Use Area (or as I like to call it the Small Camp). As far as I can tell it is free camping, and there shouldn't be any problem with building a campfire. There are something like 3 places around Dix Creek for camping that provide a boat ramp so you shouldn't have a problem with putting your boat in and pulling it up on the bank at night. I've never went yo-yoin' out there so I'm not real sure how good the fishing is, but I have seen several yo-yos in trees while fishing during the day. Just make sure you keep an eye out for stumps, but then's Lake Conway...where aren't there stumps? If you need anymore information I'll be glad to help.

  6. PTHog

    PTHog Well-Known Member

    Yeah! What joedirt said...3 minutes before me! :smack:
  7. joedirt

    joedirt Well-Known Member

    Great minds think alike!:thumb:
  8. PTHog

    PTHog Well-Known Member

    I was kinda thinking the same. You do much fishing out there at Dix Creek? I went out there this past spring and had decent luck with bass. It just gets real shallow in some areas which makes it extremely hard to get around. Then, of course, it covers up with lillypads. After that happened, I quit going out there and started goin' up to Lake Atkins. Some decent fishing up there, but watch out for the snakes in the trees on a warm summer day. :eek:
  9. joedirt

    joedirt Well-Known Member

    We caught some catfish and crappie on yo-yo's a few nights out there. We didn't do much bass fishing because the lilly pads had already taken over from the bank to about 50 yards out. I'd like to try lake Atkins this Spring. Is there any good spots on Atkins for yo-yo's and trot lines?
  10. Wes Ramsey

    Wes Ramsey Well-Known Member

    Never been to the Dix Creek area, but I'd love to try it. How do you get there from Conway? I can probably find it on a map, but directions wouldn't hurt..
  11. joedirt

    joedirt Well-Known Member

    Go down Hwy 89 and turn in like your're going to the AG&F firing range. Instead of pulling in the parking lot, stay straight and it turns to gravel. It takes you up on the ridge for a couple of miles, then splits off. Stay to the right. You'll pass the nursery pond then dead end at the boat ramp at Dix Creek.
  12. jerry dean

    jerry dean Suspended Permanently

    That's a nursury pond???? I was wondering why everybody was looking a me funny when I was unloading my flatbottom out of the back of my pick-up into it.:smack:
  13. Wes Ramsey

    Wes Ramsey Well-Known Member

    I think I know where you're talking about. I may have to drive by there this evening and see what it looks like. Thanks JD! Hey Jerry, how's the fishin' in that pond? Sounds like lots of fun! ;)
  14. joedirt

    joedirt Well-Known Member

    :biggrin: :eek: :biggrin: :eek: :thumb:
  15. sprtsmn001

    sprtsmn001 Well-Known Member

    Hey fellas, just keep in mind that duck season opens back up the 12th and Dix Creek is one of only 2 areas that people can hunt on that lake. It might get kind of busy there this Saturday and Sunday mornings. The good thing is that you can only hunt until noon and they have to be off the lake.
  16. PTHog

    PTHog Well-Known Member

    Yeah after I posted yesterday I got to thinking about duck season opening back up. Like you said, it could get kinda crowded in there.

    Wes, if you do decide to go to Dix Creek area, there are two other boat ramps besides the one Joe is talking about. You can take 89 and turn left on to Clinton Rd like he said, or if you want you can take 286(Dave Ward) out of Conway towards Saltillo. Go through Saltillo until you see Adams Lake Rd(it will be right before the fire station). Take a right on this road, go about a mile or so and you'll see an entrance into Camp Robinson on the left. Enter Camp Robinson and follow that gravel road all the way to the lake(you will pass by a gate on the left while on this gravel road, don't turn when you see the gate). There's one more ramp, but it's a little more difficult to explain how to get there. Best thing to do is to get on Camp Robinson and just explore for yourself. Google Maps is pretty detailed. It can help you with directions around Camp Robinson.

  17. joedirt

    joedirt Well-Known Member

    PTHog, I've been wondering how to get to that ramp. Thanks for the info!
  18. Wes Ramsey

    Wes Ramsey Well-Known Member

    Are there any camp sites by this ramp?

    I drove by Pierce and Dix Creek areas yesterday after work, and I think I'm in love with the Dix ramp past the pond! Looks like a great place to toss a couple of trot lines and run yo-yos, no camping fee and not too far from home. I didn't have any idea about duck season starting up again this weekend. Seems like I remember on the map that that area was shaded for hunting. Poo. I was really looking forward to camping there and maybe doing a little squirrel hunting (is that legal there?). Pierce Creek area is my next choice, so I guess that's where I'll be camping this weekend.
  19. PTHog

    PTHog Well-Known Member

    Wes, from what I've seen there aren't any designated campsite. Looks like you can just throw up your tent anywhere you want. I got to looking on the AGFC website and noticed that campers must register. I'm not real sure where you register, but the numbers listed are (501)450-1690 or (877)525-8606. Might be worth a call if you decide to camp out at Dix Creek. I, also, noticed that squirrel season is from May 10-June 8.

    Joe, you're welcome for the info. Glad I could be of some assistance.

  20. LazyJ

    LazyJ Well-Known Member

    I've camped Dix Creek a couple of times. No registration required but you will get in trouble if you leave any sort of fire unattended, being in a boat within sight doesn't count as "attended" I learned.