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Price of corn in your area

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9 dollars a bag around here just wondering what ya'll were paying for it ? Have a guy I work with that SAYS he knows someone who will fill up a 55 gallon barrel for 35 dollars but I dont know how clean the corn will be :smack:
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$9 a bag :censored: Friggin Eviromentalist will starve us to death and bancrupt us at the same time .. It takes twice the ENERGY to Produce Ethanol than it does oil to gas how is this saving the planet ??? Corn was $5.50 a yr or 2 ago, I think the end of last deer season it was at $7...

Ethanol is NOT the way to go...Sugar beets maybe but not corn....
its $5.88 for a 40lb bag at wal mart, through out last season it was $4.88
don't look for price of corn to go back down, wheat doubled in price and everything is going up because of oil prices. i use corn year round plus i have summer and fall food plots. attracting deer is one thing but feeding them in bad mast years like this past fall is whats really important. food plots become more important with the prices of corn. 35$ for barrel of corn is 14.00 a hundred, not a bargain worth driving for with gas 3.79 a gal:flag:
i paid $5.88 per 40 pounds a couple weeks ago to fill my 55 gallon gravity feeder i built. Only reason I am doing it during the summer is for pictures with my camera. Deer have plenty to eat right now besides an occasional nibble of corn.

Due to seed prices, diesel and gas we decided not to do summer plots this year:frown:
$8.90 here in Mustang, OK. where are you all getting the cheep stuff at?
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