Pretty funny to me.

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Lt Gibson, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Right now I am sitting in a lab at Mississippi State, testing different scent killers. Well, we are in a closed, scent free room (3 of us) and we are not supposed to have any foreign scent on what we have been wearing under our little plastic suits. Wellll.... I just passed gas. Couldn't help it. Just couldn't. Been holding it for 2 hours now, so boom, there it went. I feel sorry for them when they take my scent sample from under this thing. I also feel sorry for the other two people in this tiny room when i take it off.

    Well, back to studying. Ya'll have a good day and lets see if Primos really works.
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    ^^Ultimate test!!! Love it!!!

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    Hey - it's a real life test. If it works - let us know - I will be buying some primos. I am not a believer of scent control products.
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    Kinda like tootin' in coveralls...Gives ya something to look forward to. :biggrin: