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This was posted on 8/2/08

Had it not been for Chris a good friend, past co-worker, and the same individual that introduced me to trout fishing I would not be writing this FISH STORY!!!

Several years ago Chris invited me to go trout fishing with him. After hooking my first trout, I too was hooked on the sport. Chris then met and started working for Jeff Smith the developer of the TROUT MAGNET. Jeff sponsored us in several trout tournaments with one simple request; "just catch trout", which we both did to help spread the word about this new bait to come to Arkansas trout waters.

Now for the story behind the picture. Chris called inviting me to Searcy to Jeff's business for a day of fishing on the Little Red River. After touring the assembly/shipping facility Friday evening we hit the water at first light Saturday morning. Launching from Lobo landing out of Pangburn we motored upstream just past the trout hatchery stocking tubes. After several color changes we found gold hook and red body was landing trout on every cast. By the time we had floated down to Libby shoals we had caught around 30 trout a piece. I dropped anchor just upstream from the deep pocket at the top of the shoal.

We both caught several nice trout out of the deep hole. I then made a long cast to the far side of the hole and immediately got a hit. It felt like a small fish during the retreive. I looked upstream to see a boat drifting towards us when my line went slack. At the same time Chris yelled out, "Oh my god! Rick, don't jerk your line!!!!" As I turned to locate my line and float it then became very heavy. What made Chis yell out which now had the attention of the other boat and about 10 to 15 fly fisherman working the shoal was a large brown trout. It had shot up out of the deep hole and literally ate my small rainbow trout head first! Standing there shocked at what we had just seen, Chris grabbed the net and explained to everyone watching what had just happened. I concentrated and prayed my 4lb S.O.S. line with 2lb leader would not break. 15 minutes later the brown still refusing to let go of the rainbow made a pass next to the boat shallow enough that Chris made an amazing landing with the net. With my kevlar cleaning glove on we weighed and measure the brown trout. It was when I lifted him up that he released the rainbow out of his mouth. To mine and Chris' amazement I had just caught a fish that was not hooked! As I held him up everyone started clapping and cheering for they had just seen.

The brown trout = 6 lbs. 24 inches
The rainbow trout = 1/2 lb. 8 inches
Someone to witness = PRICELESS!!!

Thanks again Chris, and to Jeff Smith,
(short of legalizing dynamite), for the most amazing trout lure E V E R !

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Jeff is a great guy!
I met him on a Colorado mountain during an elk hunt. He gave my buddy and I about 50 lures each and several spools of line. He pointed us to a remote creek where we caught more trout than we could count. We caught all of them on a stick that we cut on the creekbank.
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