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  1. Wow. I really like this guy. Football nation says Arkansas hit a major homerun. Herbstreet said wow. That's what everyone is saying. No one can believe Arkansas got this caliber of coach. WPS
  2. I hope everyone is hearing or watching this. This guy is impressive.

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    I like him a lot more after hearing what he's about and how he communicates. Bozo out Bielema in.

    I don't think we'll have a problem recruiting with a pig farmer either.

    He can't remember two questions in a row for nothing though.
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    Sounded great to me.
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    After listening to him talk, all hearing all he stands for, and how we coaches, I do believe Jeff Long definitely picked a winner who has the potential to compete each and every year for the top spot in the SEC once he gets things set up.
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    I didn't get to see it. Is it online anywhere?
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    He looked and sounded like a football coach to me.
    Great first impression!

    We will have to see if he can recruit here in the south but he sure looked the part today.
  8. Are you getting on board?

    How could anyone not?
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    im not a big hogs fan but i like the coach im forshure more for him then bobby i only wish the hogs good luck...................
  10. Selfbow

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    He was pretty impressive.
    Still waiting to see how he does with the locals but he took a nice step today.
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    Stan Heath was impressive at his first press conference too.:biggrin:
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