Presistence Pays

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    Calling is still tough around here. Chris and I started at daylight yesterday a.m. calling up a very reluctant yote. We were setup trying to call out a bobcat using high pitched bunny tunes when this one showed up at around the 30 minute mark, 3-400 yds out and wouldn't commit any further. We continued calling over a 20 mile area and finally tried a spot that has produced in the past. This was another long stand (30 minute) starting with woodpecker sounds and finishing with male jackrabbit. This little bobtail female came from over 1/2 mile taking her sweet time, Chris actually had to coax her on in with his handcall. Chris gave her 2 warning shots that turned into a triple sommersault with his third. :clap: It's amazing how far they roll at full speed! [​IMG]
    Last stand was in the pasture I got my last double. As we got close to where we wanted to setup, we noticed a yote that looked to have treed something as it kept rearing up on a lone cedar in the pasture. It finally disappeared over the levee and with no cover to close the 1/2 mile distance, we setup in a fence row hoping to coax it our way but dark caught us before it showed.

    On a side note, this is only the second young of the season we have taken this season. I'm beginning to convince myself that the lack of pups I saw this summer compared to last is because they either had no pups this year, small litters, or a die off. It might also be due to the large numbers of females I tapped last season..:smack:
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    I've only saw two coyotes up here all fall. I just thought they moved out for some reason. :shrug:

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    Congrats! :thumb:

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    good to see them down.
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    Nice job. Nice gun too. :thumb:
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    Calling has been tough for sure, but like you said, persistance pays off. We only saw the 3 coyotes in the field but had another tease us coming back from lunch to the next stand. Naturally, it was in town next to a house so he was safe. It just stood at the road for a few seconds as we passed and then went back towards the house he came from. Those darn City coyotes. lol

    All in all, it has been tough for everyone. Now that gun season is over, they better look out. :thumb:

    Like Allstar said, there seems to be less sign than in years past and the responders are very reluctant. Even for the pups which shouldn't be the case. These coyotes shouln't have been called before so it is time to switch tactics and get a little creative. :up:

    Oh yeah, by the way. These things are much harder to hit when running from right to left at full speed. Especially at 150 yds. I think she saw the boogey man.:fit:
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    What kind of shooting sticks you have there?
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    Stoney Point Rapid Pivot Bipods. Has an attachment that mounts over the sling stud. Bipods can be removed for easy transport. Bipods come in several adjustable lengths.
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    Would this be your suggestion? Been looking at a monopod but not sure.
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    I like them, you can also get a monopod version of these.
  12. congrats on the yote. Nice looking set up as well.