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  1. Had to see the Dr. this morning with a sinus infection/crud in the lungs junk and he gave me a prescription for 5 pills, total cost $180.00 (out of my pocket).. How the crap do folks afford to get sick??:smack:
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    The bad thing is the Dr didnt give you any idea the cost of the pills. There was probally a generic or something else the Dr could have gave you. My wife has had this happen twice with the same Dr in Conway and she told her up front that she couldnt afford prescriptions over the co-pay.

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    I didn't know they came back off a 10 day course of antibiotics...

    But to answer your question, the ones that cant afford it just go to the ER where they are treated and sent a bill later, a bill that will often times not get paid, just passed on to John Q Taxpayer.
  4. I didn't know they came back off a 10 day course of antibiotics...

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    What med's did he give you? Levaquin?
    Some doctors don't know or don't care if there is a generic.
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    I was typing when you wrote that....Levaquin doesn't have a generic and it is a really strong antibiotic. Did he try you on something else first or was this the first prescription?
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    Geezoo! That is one of the hefties!! I wouldn't touch that stuff unless death was a serious potential consequence of NOT taking it.
  8. First try.. I have a really bad habit of getting Pneumonia.. So he tries to knock anything in my lungs out as fast as he can.. I'm not complaining about my Doc (he's pulled my dumb arse out of the fire so many times it's not funny).. It's the dang pharmacutical/health insurance companies that I don't understand..
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    My dad has pneumonia constantly too. He has a lot of lung problems right now and on the lung transplant list in Houston.

    I bet that the company that makes Levaquin will be losing their patent before too long. There is only so much money that they can shell out before the court will turn them down.
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    did insurance pay for any of it? If so, I would shop around pharmacies. I had a prescription that I was paying almost $50 a month for and had been for years. Decided to check somewhere else (because of rude behavior) and found that I could have gotten it for $15 dollars a month. WTH! So, I check around anymore.
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    Truth is, you likely didn't even need those pills. Time would have took care of it.
    But Doctors are in with Big Pharma and get kickbacks for prescribing drugs.
    These are the times we live in.

    Oh, remember that anti-biotics destroy the good bacteria in your gut. Considering how strong the one's you are taking are, I highly recommend you take a pro-biotic and eat some yogurt every day. Anti-Biotics destroy everything good in your body along with the bad.
    They allow us to live longer for sure, but at a cost. IBS, is just one negative of taking anti-biotics.

    Im not a Doctor, just someone who was mis-treated by one with over prescription of anti-biotics.
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    We found out my son has a heart issue had a prescription sent to Walgreens (close to our house) and it was costing us 150 bucks a month, well needless to say I had words with a smarta** that worked their over his rudeness and decided to switch pharmacies, the same meds. now cost a whopping 20 bucks. So I would second the motion to shop around next time.
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    And while you're at it, don't go to the Benton Wal-Mart pharmacy either, half the time they wouldn't even run the insurance until after I complained about it.
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    Levofloxacin is generic Levaquin
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    try taking 14 pills a day. without insurance with drug coverage, i would have been a gonner years ago.
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    Here is a link to Canada 4 Meds. It's free to use and as long as you have a prescription, you can shop for drugs in other countries and get them cheaper. If you know anyone who falls in the donut hole with medicare, this is very helpful. Anyway here it is
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    All drugs are given a generic name when they come out. The company that develops the drug has a patten on it for x number of years. After the patten is up other companies can make the drug, but has to use the generic name for it. Levaquin is a top of the line antibiotic, however is usually not prescribed as a first line antibiotic unless there is reason, like previous history of pneumonia, or other chronic diseases.