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Predators in the rain??

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I've never had a lot of luck with calling in the rain. I suppose that 'cats and 'yotes got to eat year 'round, they just don't seem interested in what I got offer when its wet.

It looks like my hunt down at Collins this weekend is going to be rained on, so if you've got any pointers I'm all ears..... well,I guess all eyes since I got to read the posts....DUH!!
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Some have been called in during sprinkles. But that is almost always on days where the sun has been shining and will shine again soon.

Some have said that calling in cats on a cloudy day is better. And it is always good time just before and after a storm front. Sometimes even when the thunder is still in the distance.

I have never called any in during rough weather, but cold and wet animals have to eat sometime.:thumb:
I must agree.....never had any luck in the rain. we have been successful in snow, but actually better immediately afterward. When the precip is falling, for the most part you will find them up ander a cedar bush with their nose to their rear in a little ball...can't say OI blame 'em much :)

But when the weather breaks...get out there man, 'cause they will be...

Well, it looks like 60% chance of showers. So it may not be all bad... I can stand the drizzle!

I just sure hoped it would be high pressure and clear skies! And cold!!!

I'll the best I can of it. We should still kill a mess of crows either way.
i am contemplating going this weekend also. temperature is just right, but rain worries me. But at least the pigs will stir in the rain:thumb:
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