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predator scope suggestions

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Just got a .17 Hmr. Any suggestions I a decent varmint scope without breaking the bank? Thanks
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sdefoor, I have a 3 X 9 Nikon scope on my predator rifle. However, in my experience even the low end 3 power is sometimes too much and all you see is hair if the coyote or bobcat is within 40 or 50 yards. If I buy another scope I will go with a 2 X 7 but if you primarily hunt large fields the the 3 X 9 or more may be great? My best scope is a Leupold and on my deer rifle but it is also a 3 X 9 and has sometimes been too much. Steve/"Dermott"
A Nikon is tough to beat IMO. (Though i do prefer Leupold Glass) A buddy of mine just put a 3x9 w/BDC on his 17HRM and with their Adroid Spot on app you can enter bullet weight and it will tell you what to sight in at and what each mark will be. I am going to replace the 2x7 on my 22mag with a 3x9 when i get the funds. I also plan on a Nikon 2.5X10 for my AR
If you plan on taking fast shots at various distances you will want to avoid parallax adjustable scopes. If they aren't set at the proper distance your view will be fuzzy to very fuzzy. This limits you to about 10X magnification so, for economy, a 3X9 is probably your best choice and the field is wide open. Nikon, Burris, Leupold, Sightron, Bushnell are all good brands. Just stay away from the bottom of the line offerings by Nikon, Bushnell and Leupold.
I just purchased a Burris Fullfield 2 E1 3-9 X 40 scope from Cabellas. They have them on sale on line for 149 and they mailed me a 20 dollar coupon so I got the scope for 129 plus shipping. It has good glass and a lifetime warranty for this price. Not my dream scope but it will do for now.
I agree with Ekspurt on the adjustable objective. They also add a lot of weight to a scope which is not a good thing if this is a walking gun. I don't plan on owning another with it.
Thanks guys for the input thus far.
Just my opinion...but, I prefer a relatively low power scope. Historically, I've used a 3-12 x 50 30mm tube. But I came to find that I almost never turned the scope up past 3 power. My latest scope is a 1-5 x 50 30mm tube. I keep it set around 2 power. If I have a long range shot, and need 5 power, I'll just crank it up. For me, field of view and light gathering capabilities are more important than magnification.
Bob Cat -

Sounds like a good way to go to me. What brand is your 1 X 5? I would opt for 40 mm tube but think a lower power like yours is probably the best solution. Thanks, Steve/"Dermott"
Ive changed my opinion a lot on scopes since I started predator hunting seriously. I use to want as much power as possible. The problem is to get the power you need an adjustable objective. This dont work well in calling applications. You can go too far the other way as well. I want to see what Im shooting. Going to the extreme with 1x and 2x is not good either. Stick with the mid range stuff. 3 x 9 or 3.5 x 10 is a good choice. I normally keep mine set on 5 when I start calling. If the coyote locks up at a couple hundred yard I have plenty of time to crank it on up to 10.
I have to agree w b I like to see I have a mark 4 in 20 power it's tough on close quick shots tho usually if u get hair in the scope pull the trigger. It is nice when scanning at any distance tho. Just got a Ar-10 an looking at scope options for it as well.
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