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Predator calling questions

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I have never done any predator hunting before yesterday. I just bought a new Primos Alpha Dogg caller and went out yesterday afternoon and got a coyote pack to respond on my first setup. No matter what I did after that, I could not get anything to respond or come in. I was hunting a grown up clearcut with about 2' grass. I was set up on a cleared pipeline about 200 yards from the coyotes. I was using a pre-recorded set which started out with locator calls then cottontail calls with varied periods of silence in between calls. What do I need to change or try to be more successful? In retrospect, I think using the pre recorded hunt may have been a mistake, but don't know what calling sequences to start out with. I did have the wind in my favor. I don't expect to be successful right off the bat, but I would like to try to limit my mistakes. It was definitely exciting when that pack fired up. Thanks in advance. Dale
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Hard to tell why they didnt come. Usually if I get a response I will stay with coyote vocals. Sometimes coyotes have been there, done that with rabbit sounds. Next time try some pup distress and see what happens.
Thanks btech, I know I have a long way to go with the predator hunting and I appreciate your help. I am back out today and try to work that pack again. It was exciting just listening to them bust loose. Once again, thanks.
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