Pre-Rapala Wiggle Warts *

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by TrophyFishR, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. TrophyFishR

    TrophyFishR Well-Known Member

    All of them have been tuned, tested, custom painted, and a few have already caught fish.

    I'm asking $17 per bait.

    I also have lots of other brand crankbaits that are custom painted as well.

    I can post photos tonight, if anybody wants to see them.

    100% guarantee they run true

    Fayetteville, AR

  2. ken ray

    ken ray Well-Known Member

    I would like to see some of your paint schemes and would u make a better deal if I bought say five or more? Thx

  3. Do you still have these ? Pics?
  4. stealthycat

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    I collected Storm lures for years - and I literally bought and sold thousands on EBAY - my Dad and I scoured the countryside looking/buying and then we'd use the money to buy our elk tags in the fall of the year.

    Best crankbaits made IMO - and I mean ever
  5. TrophyFishR

    TrophyFishR Well-Known Member

    sorry I'm late.
    I've got a few left,
    also I can paint yours for $9 per bait.
    I will post pics when I get home
  6. TrophyFishR

    TrophyFishR Well-Known Member


    The photos are too large (7MB) to upload.
    send me an email to [email protected]
    and I will send you the pics.

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  7. TrophyFishR

    TrophyFishR Well-Known Member

    try these

    The pre-rapala wiggle warts are labeled 5 warts.
    The new originals are labeled as well.

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