Prayers for Grandson

Discussion in 'Prayer and Religion' started by fullcredit, Mar 18, 2017.

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    Long day yesterday. After enjoying the week together, had to take him to Sikeston MO to drop him off to my daughter. About 2 1/2 hour drive for me. Not long after getting underway, he complained about his chest hurting. This concerned me because he had a collapsed lung just a few months back. He started feeling better, but when we got to Sikeston he was hurting again. Daughter said she would have him checked out and I should just head back home. Before I got home Tanner was in an ambulance headed for Children's Hospital in St Louis with a collapsed lung. Picked up my wife and we headed back north to St Louis so that we could pick up the granddaughter. Sure hurt my heart seeing my 12 year old buddy laying in that hospital bed. He is better this morning. Docs are trying to figure out how this happens. It's just a spontaneous event is all we know right now. We appreciate your prayers for Tanner.
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    Poor guy. Sending prayers his way.

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    Praying for him, the doctors, and your family FC, sure hope the power from on high will send a miracle for y'all!
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    Praying for your grandson.
  5. We will pray for him! Lord reach down and touch this boy and restore him to full and vigorous health. Relieve his parents and relatives so they have an answer of peace. My nephew's son is named Tanner also.

    Psalms 107:20 (NKJV)
    He sent His word and healed them,
    And delivered them from their destructions.
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    Prayers sent.
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    Prayers sent.
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    Prayers sent. I have a 10 and 12 year old grandson. I can imagine what you are going through. I would probably lose it, if something happened to either one of them.
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    Prayers sent.... :pray:
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    Prayers sent I hope they get then problem solved .
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    Still praying for the young man. Has anyone heard anything.
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    Hanging in there. Still some lung leakage. They will probably put another (third time) chest tube in tomorrow. They will put to sleep this time. The other two they didn't, and things didn't go so good. Can you imagine to a 12 year old--hold still while we cut a hole in your chest! Bless his heart. Thanks for the prayers.
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    You got it!!
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  16. Will continue to pray for the boy, also for his peace. That's scary for a grownup, let alone a boy.
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    Dear Heavenly Father reach out and take control of the doctors, guide them as only you can. Put your hedge of protection around the son and his family. Let your will be done and hill the child. This I ask in the name that every knee must bow and every tounge must confess.
  18. Will continue to pray for the boy, also for his peace. That's scary for a grownup, let alone a boy.
  19. Just saw this. I will be praying for you and your family.