Prayer request.

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    I just got a call from my wife, that she is on the way to the hospital with her mom, as her dad was called to come in to his doctors office about his test results from yesterday. Well come to find out he is worst off then initially thought, as he is having kidney failure. Please keep him in your prayers.
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    Prayers sent for the in-laws.

  3. Hudge

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    Wife just called and said that the doc is admitting her father, and they suspect he either has cancer in his kidneys, or they have already shut-down. Either way, they claim there is nothing they can do, but make him comfortable at this point.
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    Prayers sent.

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    Prayers sent, may the Lord ease her worries and pain.
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    Prayers sent
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    Prayers sent. God bless you guys.
  10. Prayers on the way.
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    GGGGGGGGGGs I'm sorry for y'all, Hudge....I been having a tough time with my own kidneys...I'll for sure say a prayer for him tonight! ~john
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    Will Pray ....
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    will be praying God's will be done.
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    Prayers sent your way
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    The family will be in our prayers.
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    So sorry. Will say a prayer.

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    Prayers on the way.