Prayer' for a Buddy

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    Just asking you all keep one of my Old Buddy's in your prayer's. Think time is not long till I might add him to my growing list of of friends as I get older I seem to be not have around any longer and have went to be with the Lord. Found out 2 years ago he had melanoma, has fought it hard from then till now. Started having issues about 2 weeks ago, lots of pain, lose of body function and basically acted like he was losing his ability to reason. Friday had to be taken to UAMS, test reviled it cancer is back & has now spread to his brain & spine. Not looking good! Going to try to do some hail mary treatments but is really just a stop gap deal. He & his older wife need all the prayers that be mustered up. Got their boat loaded. Besides this, they are also trying to raise their 2 grand kids, 5 & 3 who both of their parents who abandon them, went to a life of crime & drugs, and who are now in prison.
  2. Prayers sent..
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    Man I hate to hear that about your friend. Sounds like that whole family is in a bind. Sending one up!
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    Prayers sent for your friend and his wife.
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    Prayers sent
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    Prayers for this family. So tragic.
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    Praying for this family.
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    Prayer sent!
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    Prayers Sent.
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    Prayers for him and the family.
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    Prayers sent . That’s a bad deal all around.
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    Prayers for your buddy
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    Praying for your buddy and his family.
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  15. Prayers for him, wife and the kids grown and small.
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    Thank all for keeping my Old Friend and family in prayers. Just got word Dr’s have said stop gap treatments are not working, out of options, they are calling in hospice to take over.