Powder Coating?

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  1. Does anyone know a good place to get some powder coating done on some truck parts? I want to get my front bumper, rims, step loops, and roll bars all powder coated. So if you'll know a good place to get it done please let me know.
  2. Hamelot

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    There is a place in Mt. Home. Doug Hodges could get you a name.


    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    There is a place in LR that does it but Steve at SJ Solutions did some really cool stuff with some rims. Might look into that.
  4. Rhino linings does parts.
  5. Hamelot

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    The place I'm thinking of is by the fairgrounds/milk plant/accurate metals. Can't think of the name. There was a guy in Conway but poor quality out him out of business. There is one in Oil Trough that does race car frames. Rock?? Something???
  6. Hamelot

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    Industrial powder coatings.

    Googled it.
  7. Awwww. My FIL did his jeep inside and under, bumpers etc with rhino lining. That's way I thought of it.
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    There is a place in Morrilton that does it. I think it is by Freds. Tyler will know more about it , ask him.
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    Where you located? My dad owns a shop in van Buren.
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    If you go with powder coating, you need to make sure the metal is scored, i.e. sanded or the powder will peel off. I dont care what brand is used the metal must be degreased then sanded with at lest 600girt wet or dry for it to melt into the parts. Other wise it will peel.
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    Delbert is correct. A buddy of mine and I had a small personal powder coat set up years ago when we both had time to do some restoration work (pre kids don't you know). A mild bead blasting or other surface prep is best to give the surface some profile for the material to grab.

  12. There's a place right behind the monument place, just off of Hwy 9/hwy 64 overpass. Supposedly cheap and I've seen the work, which looked great for the price. I'm gonna have to get a file cabinet done eventually, and thinking I may run it up there.
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    I own All-Star Powdering coating we do a lot of P/C everything we do is sandblasted to take off rust paint coatings including galvanized chrome etc. The sand we use is called Minus it's the next thing to glass bead to give smooth finish with also the roughness to bond also all paints don't cook at same heat temp or how long it has to heat. We do from race car chassis to just about anything. I have 2 ovens a boxed oven approx. 3'x4' so we can do smaller parts so we don't have to fire big oven. We also have an 8x8x20 oven for bigger projects It will go from room temp to 395 degrees in approx. 5 minutes. any way give us a call 479-229-0035 the shop is located in Dardanelle out by the lake also have fork lift for easier loading and unloading
  14. Thanks I appreciate all the input. There are some things I am looking into. I really do appreciate yalls help.
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    Powder Coating of Arkansas
    Ted Berry

    Ceramic Coating

    Little Rock