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  1. SwampCat

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    NO DOUBT - all these poults a result of the Predator Control Permit;)
  2. Punkinseed

    Punkinseed Well-Known Member

    Se ark
    I saw around 20 this week. Two of the groups ive seen earlier this year. Pretty excited they’re still around.

  3. firehog

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    Nice hatch right there
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  4. Punkinseed

    Punkinseed Well-Known Member

    Se ark
    Saw a single hen this morning with 9!
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  5. clover patch

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    Gonna be a great season in 2 years. Keep trapping them coons and possums.
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  6. JB Weld

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    This picture is from lawson6565.

    There are 8 poults but you can only see two by the time my phone for in gear.

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  7. TurkeyAddict

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    Another hen this morning with 8-10 big poults! Wife saw a hen with at least 3 poults last week. Beginning to think at least in SE ark it was a really good hatch.
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  8. mikebri

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  9. spur

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    Talked with a hunting buddy from SE arkansas this morning. Says he has seen more than he has seen in years.
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  10. Matt17

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    Saw a hen run across the road on my way home from work coming from Heber and she had 8 or 9 poults standing in the ditch with her as I slowed down to get a look. All appeared to be about the size of full grown chickens. Pretty encouraging to see.
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  11. Zeeriverrat

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    Finally got some trail cam pics of hens with poults! 2 hens together with 10 poults I could count. Another pic of one hen with 4 poults. So at least we had some hatch success...

    And yep, I will keep after the predators...