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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by dogdoc, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. dogdoc

    dogdoc Well-Known Member

    I'm in the process of buying some posted signs in bulk to mark the boundaries of my private property (roughly 160 acres) I've found an online site ( where I can order 100 custom made signs with the standard "POSTED, private property..." message. At the bottom I have the ability to put 3 short personalized lines on info. These signs are molded from a material similar to what car bumpers are made from... supposed to be real tough and last a long time.

    Two questions:
    1- what color sign? What shows up best. The choices are yellow, orange, purple, or neon green. I'm leaning towards purple because it says something even if it's not read. The neon green may stand out the best but personally just htink it might be a bit tacky??? Yellow is common and would probably work well too. Not a fan of orange since in the fall... there's plenty of leaves for these to blend with.

    2- what would you put on the personalized section, if anything? I thought about my full name and address? Then thought I'd use the space to write "written permission required" and then maybe my phone number only? I've found lots of deer stands that are almost sitting on my property line (other side of course) so I even thought about putting something like "hunting across property lines is illegal." Don't want to sound like a jerk but... it is true. I don't hunt where I'd be tempted to shoot across a line, and think it's reasonable to expect the same from others. Maybe a strong sign presence will make that point without having to state it?

    Within a year or so when the whole place is fenced that'll really do what I'm wanting, but for now the signs are gonna have to do, and are a good start.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. beltcutter

    beltcutter Well-Known Member

    I've always liked "violaters will be prosecuted" on a sign. Another might read "under camera surveillance." those two phrases are attention getters to me. Are these signs reasonably priced?

  3. beltcutter

    beltcutter Well-Known Member

    Oh, and about the color; I've seen some custom purple ones and they really look good. Easy to see too with white wording.
  4. jughead76

    jughead76 Well-Known Member

    I once saw a posted sign that read, (trespassers will be violated). Very funny sign but it did get my attention.
  5. tracytqrc

    tracytqrc Well-Known Member

    I have always liked the warning "PRIVATE SHOOTING RANGE", That coupled with with " NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR INJURY" should say all that needs to be said to cover yourself in a court of law.
  6. dogdoc

    dogdoc Well-Known Member


    here's what the purple one looks like. They're $1.29 each and personalization is free if I buy 100 minimum. I went through the order process to see what my total cost would have been, and with shipping, etc. it was about $165 for 100 signs that were personalized. Not bad at all if they last like I think they will. Also love the fact that they won't require a backer board and can be attached with 2 nails (top and bottom only) as opposed to 4 (each corner). This may sound like a minor thing but having already put up several signs in certain areas... tree selection is lots easier when you include the small (arm size) trees where the 4 corner nailing isn't feasible.

    I also like that the writing is punched out so the message can never fade. Only the primary color could fade.

    I looked at some light weight aluminum signs that were slightly cheaper by the hundred. But the 2 nail thing really has me sold.

    I also thought about "survivors will be prosecuted" :biggrin:
  7. dogdoc

    dogdoc Well-Known Member

    postedgreen.jpg postedorange.jpg postedyellow.jpg

    the other 3 colors
  8. JohnnieWalker

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    I like this too. Or... VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. I've also seen "trespassers will be shot on-site, survivors will be shot again"
  9. JohnnieWalker

    JohnnieWalker Well-Known Member

    ^ Oh... and go with the purple. People know that means "posted" without having to read it.
  10. chrisDXT

    chrisDXT Well-Known Member

    I have some of those signs in orange... I like them they seem like they will last a long time.
  11. beltcutter

    beltcutter Well-Known Member

    So you put your choice of lines under "violators will be prosecuted?"

    After looking at your pics doc I still like the purple. Like you said purple sends a double statement.
  12. dogdoc

    dogdoc Well-Known Member

    placed the order.

    Purple color

    My 3 personalized lines are:
    3- Reddick 335-0422

    Think that takes care of what I need.
  13. Tony Harris

    Tony Harris Super Moderator<br>2012-13 Deer Hunting Contest Wi Staff Member

    There used to be a sign over by Buzzard Mtn. at a guys house that had been broken into that read;

    Puke Suckin Thieves Will Be Shot On Sight

    Still think that is the best sign I have seen to warn folks with.
  14. Hill Farm Hunter

    Hill Farm Hunter Well-Known Member

    Saw some once that just said $1000 per day to hunt. Kind of liked those.
  15. redoak

    redoak Well-Known Member

    I second the $1000 per day I have seen those also.....also saw one that said large animal traps in use enter at own risk
  16. Or how about, "VIOLATORS WILL BE PERSECUTED":biggrin:
    My hunting club got some made out of plastic that looks like corrugated cardboard, and have two holes on top and bottom for zip ties to go through. We don't use nails, so no damage to the trees. They are white with black lettering, and show up real good, even at night.