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Post Your Past Duck Pics!

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The deer thread started by fish got me thinking...why don't we post past duck pics to help with the itch a little bit?

There's nothing like waking up at 3am, going to stand chest-high in freezing cold water to shoot 2 woodies and a gadwall. Lol.

Post em up!
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Hey Fro,

Is that the guy from Tap-Out standing beside you in that second picture?:smack:
jakes, you shoot those 7 birds by yourself? or was there somebody else there with ya?
jakes, you shoot those 7 birds by yourself? or was there somebody else there with ya?
What's your deal? Not like it's any of your business, but that is two days worth of birds. better call Frankie.
I'm guessing that was over 3 years ago or out of state huh. Great pics man!:up: Excellent looking spot too!!!!
ArkArcher do you really expect us to believe that you hunted a spot like that, without a SWD, and killed a pile of ducks like that????

Get real. You know that can't be true.:rolleyes:
Here are the ducks that me and a few of my students killed one day last year.

Here is a pic of my wood duck pair.

Here is a pic of my mallard drake.

I'll put one of my GWT on here when I get him back from the taxidermists. :biggrin:
Fro, I read in your blog here on the board that your stuck up in MO, and got an itch....therefore the picture thread. Well since you caught a little shrapnel from the little ribbin' war between the "Hugger" known as Quack Attack & Myself, I'll help you out here a little.

Variety ain't all bad...
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Just a couple....

My daughter Cindy and her dog Sadie..

This was a pretty good day.....:yawn:

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Ive just got a few saved on this computer at work from the last couple seasons, so here you go...

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