Post your Duck Dog Pics

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by gracie82, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. gracie82

    gracie82 Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to get a thread started like last year. Loved seeing all of your hunting partners. You will notice in the second pic I am training my Sheltie as well. Bet none of you have ever hunted with a Sheltie as a duck dog!!!!
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  2. SusieKiller

    SusieKiller Well-Known Member

    This is a friends dog that I took some pics of...

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  3. Greenhead Jed

    Greenhead Jed Active Member

    Hey SusieKiller,
    Congrats on the band! Is that a Duck Tolling Retriever? Looks like a fine animal.
  4. SusieKiller

    SusieKiller Well-Known Member

    Not sure on the breed. I believe it's part blue heeler, but has a lot of terrier in him too. Pretty good dog though....




  5. Greenhead Jed

    Greenhead Jed Active Member

    Cool. Looks like a cross between a flat coated retriever and a curly coated retriever to me. Nice camera work.
  6. LRhunter

    LRhunter Member

    I don't have any action shots of her yet, but we are working on it. :up:

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  7. :thumb:

    Awesome pic!

    Except one problem...that's not a susie! :head:
  8. BIG DOG

    BIG DOG Member-2018 Spring Team Turkey Contest Winner

    that's a chessie/ lab mix:up:
  9. jwalker

    jwalker Well-Known Member

    Not crowded in my hole lol
  10. Claymore

    Claymore Well-Known Member

    She has saved me alot of steps...

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  11. This is my " Lilly "...
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  12. Lilly at 10 months...She is now 3-1/2 yrs...
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  13. Whispering Death

    Whispering Death Well-Known Member

    Beautiful dog. Awesome block head. I have a pretty nice looking black male that is 14 months old if she needs a younger boyfriend........
  14. Thanks! She is my BABY, she is now in full blown HEAT! Everyone wants pups out of her, I am just afraid to breed her, I dont need nothing to happen to her while she is pregnant, Complications if you know what I mean? I dont know what I would do if something hammened to her :doh:
  15. gotyacovered

    gotyacovered Well-Known Member

    current duck 'dog'
    future duck dog
  16. theplayer

    theplayer Well-Known Member

    All I could ask for in a hunting dog.

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  17. bigmac7825

    bigmac7825 Well-Known Member

    Those are some good looking dogs.
  18. ouachita22

    ouachita22 Member<br>2011 Photo Contest Winner


    Here is to all who make fun of face painting dogs!! Every girl wants to wear a little make-up!!:thumb:
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