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For Christmas my BIL bought his wife an iphone off Craigslist. It turned out to be on the lost/stolen list, but the seller had already spent most of the money. Instead, the he gave them $50 and a Mauser to hold until he could come up with the cash. He needs to get $250 out of the gun to break even, or would be more than happy to trade for an iPhone 4. I don't have pics right now, but can get them if there's any interest.

This Mauser was sporterized a LONG time ago. It has an aftermarket barrel and is chambered in .30-06. Gun only has fixed sights - a Redfield banded front blade sight and Redfield rear peep. Not drilled and tapped for scope mounts. It is obvious the gun has been used, but there is no rust. The bore is dirty, but the rifling looks good. Doesn't look like this barrel has seen corrosive ammo. On the top of the chamber it lists the manufacturer (Haenel) and Suhl, where the factory is. The stock is original, but the top wood and barrel band were removed and the stock was refinished. The butt pad is an ancient Pachmeyer, but needs to be replaced. It looks like it sat in a corner for many, many years and the rubber collapsed (maybe from exposure to gun oils?). Could be a good shooter, but I haven't shot it yet.

I don't know what this rifle is worth, but I would guess somewhere in the $200-500 range. If you have any opinions on the value or want to buy/trade let me know. His bottom dollar is $250 - he will not take less than that. I'm sure he would accept MORE if you're willing to offer it, but I haven't asked him. If there's any interest I can post pics this evening.
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