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possibly looking for a squirel dog

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im trying to get my money together,if i buy one it will be next week or two.if anyone has one let me know.will want to try the dog or atleast go hunting with it.
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What kind of dog are you looking for? I have a couple of Fiests that are started
I got a started Laika I'd sell 200 very pretty and smart just not good with small children Bc she hyper
dont really know what im looking for,dont really care so long as when i cut them loose the tree a squirrel and 5012885263

I would recommend one of lance wattersons kemmer curs he usualy has started dogs & will take u hunting day or night if it climbs his dogs will tree it! No bs not sure if he has any rite now but he will have his ad is usually n the back of full cry under either mtn cur or kemmer cur. He is a good guy & will stand by his word! He lives n ava mo u can be ther n less than 4 hours. He will meet u at end of his gravel road with dogs and hunt them back to his house & u will tree squirrles n daylite or coons at nite I've done both. Just don't call his dogs trashy if they tree a bobcat he will run u off for talking about his dogs like that. I've seen him get pretty mad when someone called his dogs trashy. That's my 2cents
thanks j.english.can you guys send me pics and prices? what does started mean in the squirrel world? will they tree thier own squirrel,trashy?
Yes his started dogs I've. Seen would tree ther own squirrle or coon lance hunts furs his dog are used day or nite & will tree u game he does not just hunt one type he hunts it all if it climbs but I've never seen his dog tree possums I was at his house visiting n 2010 may & 2 guys showed up to get pups lance showed them pictures of all the game his dogs tree pics of loads of squirrel coons and bobcats when one man said weil lancde ur dogs r trashy & lance replied since my dogs r trash they ain't for sell then he made that man leave with no pup. Lances dogs r meat dogs deluxe will tree u loads of either type of game. Closer breed pups to his old blackie female usually make hard tree dogs. Mho is u can't go wrong with his kemmers
Go to mtn cur .com then click on his page should be able to see pic of his dogs
will do thanks! what kind of price range?
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