Possible new state record buck??

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by channum, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. channum

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    Saw a picture today on a friends phone of a monster buck that was said to have been killed in the Eudora area (SE arkansas) said it should be a new state record. Anybody heard this story or seen/have the pic??
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  3. yeah, lets see some pics of this thing
  4. channum

    channum Well-Known Member

    I dont have a pic, and i dont think i have enough posts to post pics. i will try to get it from him wednesday when i go back to work. if somebody can give me a cell number i will text it to you to post when i get it.
  5. I don't think your post count will keep you from posting pics. You just have to know how. If you look at the trailcam forum the very first thread will show you how to post them.
  6. btech29

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    I think you need 15 posts to do pictures. Email it to btech29@gmail.com and I will post him for you. :up:
  7. channum

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    thanks btech, i will send them as soon as i can get the pic. i will try to get a solid story too.
  8. duck

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    That would have been a good one next year. :fit:
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  10. channum

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    4hunting, not the same deer i saw a pic of. think the one you posted was a deer killed (inj ohio by an amish boy i think). the one i saw was a typical looked like a 10-12 point. hopefully will have pics wednesday.
  11. channum

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    i got the pic on my cell phone. if somebody that can post pics wants to message me a phone number i will text you the pic. havent heard anyhting more on the story. maybe somebody will recognize the pic and help us out with a story.
  12. pruitt76

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    You can send to 870-953-0222 and I will post.

  13. 4hunting

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    Looking forward to seeing what could be a new state record. Here is what it has to beat:

    Overall Current State Record
    1 238 3/8 17x10 Bill Dooley Prairie 1999

    Current State Record Typical
    1 189 6x6 Thomas Sparks Crawford 1975
  14. Nuge Fan

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    Bill Dooley

    Thomas Sparks
  15. luckless

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    Is this the deer you are talking about? This is the only pic I have gotten this year that is supposedly from that area.

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  16. Levee Hunter

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    That one is from Dumas, not Eudora.
  17. 4hunting

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  18. channum

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    just texted the pic to pruitt76. and no luckless that isnt the pic i have.
  19. pruitt76

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