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Population in Missouri

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Anyone notice a drop in population in Missouri last season. Ran into more hunters past couple years than I ever had. Guys saying they didn’t hear much on private so they were hitting the public hunting areas. Seems to be getting worse to me. Your thoughts?
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Why isn’t AGFC trying to relocate or transplant or hatch turkeys by the thousands every year at this point?

After a short time the population would likely be able to sustain itself until the next few years of bad weather luck
Turkeys have been trapped and relocated successfully. Idk where to get em now - northeastern USA maybe?
Establish a relatively safe breeding area and utilize it as a hatchery?

It may not work very well so I guess we shouldn’t try. I guess we just do nothin but talk about a trapping bounty that’s never gonna be implemented. That’s proven very successful.
There ain’t been any layin hens in my area for couple years.

Kill every coon and bobcat you can, heck kill them off extinct - but that still won’t produce a turkey.

Need a few hens to help make more….

Gotta get em from somewhere.

We are to that point. Desperate measures. Killing raiders sustainably and expecting our turkey population to come back on its own is doomed to failure imo.
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