Pollution proofed downtown

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  1. The married couple from downtown New York city were taking a few days to vacation in Las Vegas. They had, mainly at the wife's insistance, decided to take the husband's best friend.

    Unbeknownst to the poor sucker, his best friend and wife had been having a long term relationship. The devious duo had decided the trip would offer a good opportunity to get rid of the husband who was the only obstacle to their true love.

    They flew to Las Vegas, booked suites in a big casino and went out on the town. They ate, gambled and drank till the wee hours, and made sure the husband was nearly senseless. Escourting him to the rental car in the parking garage, they laid him in the back seat and rigged a hose, which they'd bought, from the tailpipe to a window.

    Cranking up the car, the devious pair went back into the casino to give hubby a chance to be done in by the clouds of carbon monoxide rushing through the tube. After an hour they went back to check the body. The car was so filled with exhaust fumes it was hard to see, but they were horrified to make out the dim form of a very alive victim sitting up in the rear seat.

    As they opened the door clouds of noxious fumes boiled out and the husband was singing at the top of his voice "I'll take Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island too! ".........
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