Polar Express: Branson Scenic Railway

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  1. If any of yall have toddlers and like to do special things for them or like Branson in general, the Branson Scenic Railroad does a Christmas Train each year based off of the Polar Express movie. You take your kid on a train ride, you get hot chocolate and cookies and they read the story over the speaker while a girl walks up and down the train car showing pictures from the book.

    The Polar Express is the movie with Tom Hanks as the train conductor. Each car has a "conductor" and the train goes by the North Pole where you can wave at Santa and see dancing elves and then you go through the light display at Branson and get to look at all of the Christmas lights.

    Towards the end of the trip Santa comes through the train cars to see all the kids and will give each one a sleigh-bell from his sleigh (like he does in the real Polar Express movie).

    It was really enjoyable and Jude loved it. You should look into it next year or in the future if you haven't done it and are planning a little Christmas getaway or a trip to Branson in November/December and want something memorable and enjoyable for the children.

    It is pretty affordable ($40ish), lasts a little over an hour and there were kids and families everywhere. The kids get to wear their pajamas (just like in the movie) and there was some caroling on the train as well.

    There was a lot of Arkansas people there too. Saw a lot of Razorback hats, hoodies, and shirts. I even talked to a guy from Gillett who was up there and had triplets. He knew my bro-in-law's family. Small world.

    Jude in front of the Branson Landing Christmas Tree


    Jude with Mrs. Claus


    Jude with hot chocolate on the train.


    Jude with a sugar cookie


    Jude with the Conductor


    Jude visiting with Santa on the Train ride


    Jude with his Sleighbell


    Jude on the way Home

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    My uncle was going to head up there early for their stay in Big Cedar Lodge, and they told them it was closed so they couldn't ride right now?

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    Who you talking about from Gillett?

    And they also do this in Birmingham for any of y'all that might be further south.
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    Awesome pics, looks like the little fella had a great time, can't put a price on that:up:

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    If your in the southwest part of the state the Texas state railroad also does it. We took Bryson there while we were in Gurdon for deer camp. It's in palistine TX.
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    We did that in Durango, Colorado. It is pretty cool for the kids. :up:
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    Good memories and great photos !
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    Fro that conductor kinda looks like you:biggrin: