Poison ivy

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    was told the same thing as a kid and ate some ,,, got sick and thought i was dead ,, glad i did because ever since it doesnt affect me one bit

    but i wouldnt advise it figured i got real lucky
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    I'm tempted to try it.

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    Once you have developed the sores, washing with Tecnu is too late. I like to scratch the heck out of it...really like wagging your tail because it feels soooooo stinking good type scratch. Now hop in the shower and clean up. Once you get out spray the affected area with lysol...it hurts for 10 seconds but you're done. It'll scab up and heal.

    Ive been a biologist for eight years, I don't go on multi day field trips with out a can of lysol.
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    Nice i haven't heard that one yet!
  5. I've heard of alcohol, bleach and technu, but never Lysol.

    None of it work fast enough for me.
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    My experience best just go on in and get a shot and some steroids ! Hate that stuff wouldn't wish on worst enemy
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    Any soap made with lye. I've had to get shots a couple times in my life for it. I don't get it much now even wheen handling for extended periods. If I get a bump I take benadryl for 3 days and it dries up within 5 days. Will still itch but wont continue to spread.
  8. I am finishing up a round of Steroids right now. I got it on my palms and they have almost finished peeling off. Monday before last, my fingers were the size of summer sausages! Thank the good sweet Lord for Prednisone!
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    I am someone that gets it like wild fire. It is almost as if I can look at it and get it. I have had it many times were my eyes were swollen shut and blisters the size of quarters covering my entire body. When I get it I almost always have to get the shot and steroids. It has gotten so that when I go into the doctor I tell them what I need and they take care of it right away. I have found that if I jump in a cool shower right when I get home and wash with Burts Bees poison ivy soap I don't break out with it. I also take my clothes off and throw them in the wash right when I get in. If I do get it I continue to wash with the Burts Bees poison ivy soap and it helps dry it up.
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    Found this out by accident. I got calcium carbonate on my hands next day they were so dried out the lotion didn't help much. Next time I got PI I just stuck my hands in it. It worked. It's nothing but mud. So now if I'm in woods and get in it I smear mud on hands and arms till I get home. It's not a cure it just helps.
  11. My folks taught me to make a paste of water and baking soda. Stops the itching and dries the stuff out. I've had my eyes swelled shut as a kid and bloody raw between my fingers I'd get it so bad. Poision Sumac would get me when logging in the bottoms. Those big vines are dripping sap and Woe if you touch anything around it or it gets on your clothes. I've heard of ignorant folks using it to wipe with in a no paper situation. A friend's daughter did this and was almost hospitalized. I've decide just not to get it again.
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    Those plants are full of moisture when they first bloom out. Be careful if you're like me and very allergic.
  13. I got it off of my squirrel dog last week! It was a light case and not too bad. I wipe him down now before he gets to come inside.
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    We are clearing some area to add more pasture/grass for the horses. We worked on it Saturday and Sunday. Anything we suspected was poison ivy I took care of. We downed trees with vines all the way up...I dealt with it to keep hubby away from it all I could as he is sensitive to it...and apparently I am not.

    Despite our best efforts and precautions...this morning he has it on his forearms pretty bad. Darn it. I so far have not a welt despite KNOWING I was dragging vines, lopping them etc.
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    Next time tell him to take a cold shower and use dawn soap which cuts oil and grease, hot water opens your pours and allows the resin in!
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    I have been one of those reactor's for the longest time, usually have to go get shots, and laid up in agony for a few days. One of the new doctors I started going to around 15 years back gave me that advice....cold shower asap, and a good soap. Back then we used dawn, and I can attest that this method works great.

    I now combine it with the mean green soap I mentioned above, and as long as I have a shower within 3-4 hours of contact, I don't ever react.
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    This is what you need. http://poisonivysoap.com/index.html

    I spoke with the guy who came up with this a few years back. He explained to me that it's the oil of the plant that causes the problem. According to him, the soap is specifically designed to break down and remove the oil from your skin. He gave me a bar of the soap to try. I've never had a reaction to poison ivy but my wife is allergic, so I brought it home and put it in the cabinet. Not long afterwards, my wife got into some ivy and began to have a reaction. She washed the area with the soap and now swears by it. She tells me that it's an instant relief. By removing the oil from your skin, the reaction immediately stops.
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  19. One of the preventative measures I have found to work (like listed above) is to wash if I think I MIGHT have gotten into PI. Be sure to use COLD water to keep your pores closed (so it can wash off your skin). An easy to find soap that has worked for me is Fels-Naptha Soap. You can get it in WalMarts or Krogers. It is a strong soap fo sho!