Poison ivy

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  1. SwampDonkey

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    I recently got into some poison ivy roots in a ditch where I had to run conduit and had to get a shot in the butt. Got me wondering do any of yall have home remedies or preventive maintenance steps yall apply or do before contact. Just wondering. Btw I touched the Roots maybe a minute on my arms and it spread worse than any leave exposure
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  2. I hate it for you. Generally, the roots and/or vines make me break out worse than leaves. The worst case I ever had I had actually been camping and burned some of the stuff. Woke up a few mornings later with both eyes swollen shut!

    Other than the butt-shots (which do work well), I purchased some lye soap--unscented old fashioned--from Cracker Barrel. Once I am exposed or breakout I will wash in the shower with the lye-soap. The lye does a pretty good job drying out the PI pretty quickly. It's one of the best things I have found.

    BTW, having a PI allergy sucks. It's been the scourge of my outdoor existence for years!

    I also assume vinegar might help dry it up. Not because I have tried it, but because vinegar is a miracle liquid and can be used for just about anything!

    Best of luck!

  3. Gford

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    Anytime your exposed to it....Get a wash cloth and dawn and scrub the area really good to remove the oil. Now this won't work 4 hours later, but within an hour of exposure.
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  4. earl blevins

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  5. jcp

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    Oatmeal . Mix it up in a paste and cover the affected area, it will dry up very quickly
  6. Buck-Ridge

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    I get it occasionally but am not super allergic. If I get exposed and know it I wash the contact area as quick as I can get to water and sometimes don't get any rash at all.
  7. John Stiles

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    I built a fire once on a beach when I was a young feller, and it was in my eyes, nose, mouth, and all over my body. After that I never got it again, I can yank it out of trees and pull it up by the roots, still don't get even a little bump.....but my wife gets it from my clothes! Having said that....washing with dawn or other soap that cuts grease/oil is the answer. Just dont use hot water, it opens your pores. Cool water and dawn period!:up:
  8. SwampDonkey

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    Noted... Yeah I didn't even know it was poison ivy root until I looked at the brush that had been cleared thanks for advise guys
  9. oldnwahunter

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    If you can find some EMU oil, it will take care of it in a hurry.
  10. hogfan1

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    I have told this story before but my father-in-law ate some leaves when he was a kid!! Some old Native American man told him to do it so he would be allergic anymore! He says it about killed him but he has been immune ever since! Kinda makes me think you and him did about the same thing!
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    Yeah we roasted hotdogs, lol I think I might've eaten 3 or 4, and washed them down with Coors! Also got about the worst sunburn I ever had, except surfing all day in Hawaii! LOL
  12. dspeakes

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    Not a home remedy but wash with Tecnu skin cleanser if you may have gotten in some. It is expensive but it works well.
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  13. Bucker10

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    Scrub the skin raw with a dry rag.

    Soak another rag in alcohol. Rub area. It burns like the dickens but it will dry it out
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    Try bleach instead of alcohol. Dries it up quick....
  15. Bucker10

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    I'll pass
  16. ar_lawngod

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    NW AR
    This is what grandpa taught me to do. It SUCKS, but has always worked.
  17. John Stiles

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    We used to "jump smelt" off northern Calif. beaches, with 2-man nets[like seines]..... and I remember, after coon-hunting; how I'd get poison ivy on my legs and arms....the cold salty ocean water would suck the puss right out of the poison ivy lesions, and after that they'd heal in about a day or two. No more itching or spreading. After the cooking event I never caught it again. P/S Im talking, that was some cold water, even saw chunks of ice floating by a few times.
  18. demented

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    Still have nightmares at the mention of poison ivy. A few years back I was dove hunting in a field outside Little Rock a few miles, it had rained so within ten steps my boots weighted ten pounds from gumbo mud sticking on. Had to go real bad, by the time I got back to my truck for paper, walking in the mud, I had to go RIGHT THEN! (beware eating breakfast at a truck stop!) I dropped trou and squatted without looking where. Yeah I ended up with PI from top to bottom, front to rear. Thought for a couple weeks it was terminal, about shot myself to end my misery. Two rounds of pills and a shot from doctor before it got better. Bought so much over the counter meds that WalMarts stock went up ten points!
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  19. The Bleach method does work, but it is painful! I once froze the affected areas with Liquid Nitrogen and that worked great. It was only a few small spots though. If you get it bad, go to the DR and get the shot! It is money well spent.
  20. Timberking

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    The swimming pool will dry it out and 2X on the Tecnu wash. Best stuff I have used without a shot.