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  1. Does anybody know where I could get some pods. I have a friend that use to got some down south but I don't think he can get them anymore. I was told they were illegal to hunt with in arkansas but you could buy them. IDK. but either way i'd like to have some
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    coon i think he is wanting the deals you put on your arrows. But i may be wrong
  4. yes sir thats what im looking for
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    Ok now y'all have to educate me on WTH a pod is?
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    Its little things that hold poison that you can put on an arrow.
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    they are legal in Mississippi. You can buy them there.
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    Mississippi an few places in Texas.
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    :whistle:They are illegal in Arkansas. :whistle:
  11. Are you sure they are not just illegal to hunt with because a friend of mine was buying them at a sporting goods store down south somewhere?
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    There illegal to hunt with in Arkansas not to own them, buy, and sell them.
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    More specifically they are or look like little condoms or rubber tubes that fit
    over the shaft of an arrow right behind the broadhead.

    The "POISON" (as people may call it) of choice is
    Succinylcholine Chloride in a powder form...is liberally sprinkle on the tube
    while it is being rolled up toward the broadhead...that way when the arrow
    strike the tube unrolls and the drug is supposed to be pulled into the blood

    Succinylcholine Chloride is a very powerful paralytic drug. Also very fast acting.
    The problem with it is that it paralyzes skeletal muscles and
    the animal will cease to breath and suffocate. All the while being conscious
    if the lose of blood hasn't cause them to expire.

    It does or may keep them from running very far IF the drug isn't washed
    out of the wound channel from bleeding...

    It is an unethical and unsportsmanlike use of a chemical AND it is very

    I have heard of a young man in a neighboring state who accidentally cut
    himself on a podded arrow and died from the exposure...

    It is use allot in surgery to paralyze patience under anesthesia and on
    breathing machines to keep them from convulsing or moving while under
    the knife.
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    In short: ITS CHEATING