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    Was headed out yesterday afternoon and saw 3 doe in a filed, close to the lease.........got on the stand, and notice first thing that my Buddy's nice heater and bottle were gone from the stand..was hunting on his wife's stand:mad:........then sat until slap dark, and just before it got too dark, a tree rat was raising cain at a deer, couldn't tell what it was, but it was a deer:mad:...........we were headed back out to hunt this morning, but apparently the lights blinked during the night, cause my alarm clock, which needs a new 9V battery, was flashing, so my alarm didn't go off,:banghead: and I woke up at 0715, called my buddy, he overslept too,:biggrin: so I guess we will go this afternoon..............
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    Man you ought to be out right now. Yesterday fro daylight till 10am I saw 0. From 10 till noon I saw 13. My dad was the same way, bout 10 they started moving and he saw 11. In total, three nannies made a trip home to our freezers. My BIL and I are out here now to hopefully pick up 2 or 3 more.


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    I hear ya! got on stand about 3, had a few things to do this morning, that I had put off! Saw 9 going to the woods.saw a bobcat at 1610, he was too quick for me, at 1645 dropped a nanny! Story posted as..Was Down to Crunch Time........
  4. I have always thought when you leave stuff in the woods you take that risk.
    Had several things stolen and I get mad but what can you do?

    Now the Buddy heater.......never leave one of those in the woods.Mine always comes home with me. We had several campers get broke into several years ago and they stole two of those from a guy.
    He had over a 1000 dollars worth of stuff stolen.......I told him if you want it take it home.
    I leave very little in my camper when I leave. They might get my tv and cookware but the hunting stuff is usually in the truck.
    Sorry Bill.......

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    It wasn't my stuff Clark, but am still po'd,...it was an older 3 burner ceramic heater......well over $100 to replace it now days!! First thing they had had stolen ever there!!

    It might not be stolen, may re-located by the nephew of the owner, think they might not have had heat at their house so it was borrowed, but the kid doesn't have a phone, and not been able to contact him yet...but the idea, if the kid needed it, my buddy would haave let him use it, but ask first!!

    As soon as we find out, I'll post something..................
  6. Okay....I got the impression it was a buddy heater for some reason.
    I have an old bathroom heater just waiting for me to build that big super condo stand as soon as I do it.......:smack:

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    Got a couple of them..new stand I am building...when it warms up....is gonna be on angle iron skids and the heater and bottle are gonna be locked to the metal....probably won't stop em, but they gonna have to work for em!!!:whistle::biggrin: