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    Folks in Chino hills, CA. are livid about a "Hotel" that caters primarily to pregnant Chinese women. They are tourist birthers that check Into the place when they are about ready to give birth to an "anchor baby". They are not U.S. citizens but the babies they have are automatically so.

    We just thought that the Pod People were science fiction. All the pods are stamped made in China, or made in Mexico.
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    Chinese anchor babies...

    I saw something about this on tv a while back. Those pregnant Chinese women wear girdles to hide that they are pregnant when they fly over. But its not just that they have babys here for citizenship. The news story said the women would apply for food stamps, WIC, and government assistance before leaving the hospital. They use a local address that turns out to be a clearing house for this scam. Some Chinese lady, who is usually tied to organized crime pretends to be the childs mother from then on. The government benefits are sent to the address listed. The checks are cashed, the food stamps are converted into cash using the old "food stamp shuffle" method. (someone pays $.25 to $.50 on the dollar for food). Then the clearing house keeps the lions share of the proceeds and sends the rest back to China where the original mother uses your tax dollars to support her entire Chinese family.

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    There was at time when America really, really needed immigrants. That time is long past and none of our leaders has a backbone to tackle this situation. All it is doing is hastening us towards the eventual end.